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    Quote from Bjornoman >>

    Did it a week ago with Dexter's priest deck. Just go full control and don't let him get value with the hp. You have so much heal and removal, she doesn't stand a chance. Finish her off with c'thun 

     Deck link?

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    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    So am I the only one who greets my opponent out of pure friendliness?

     idk when you started playing but it used to be much worse. People used to go out of their way to send you a friend request just to shit talk. Also, there used to be a sorry emote, and heroes saying sorry actually sounded sarcastic so for example - A mage would flame strike my board and then say "I'm sorry"


    I can take a hello and a well played.

     That's what I use them for :)

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    Thank you for posting this deck! I'm a new player and I was stuck on Bronze-Silver 10, then got really stuck at Silver 9. I decided to try this deck but put in C'Thun since I had no dust for Kayn Sunfury. In 2 days I've now moved to Silver 6 at 51% win rate so I'm feeling good about it. It is also super fun to play. I wasn't looking to rank high or well, but at least move a few ranks and earn SOME chests. Thanks again.

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