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Molten Charge

  • Last updated Aug 8, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/6/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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I have made a deck where your win condition is to win by pulling of a giantic and unexpected combo to kill your opponent. Here is a small guide for the deck:

Your win condition is to draw into your combo and get to a low life total so then you can 

for at least 20 burst damage, but it can easily be much more.

Card explonation:

Inner Rage - Mainly used to activate an Exectute of yours or be an additional 4 damage in your end combo. Although it can still be used to kill a 1-health minion, draw cards from Acolate of pain and such, but be quite conservative with the card.

Execute - Used as premium removal. Try to use cards as Heroic StrikeMortal StrikeKor'kron Elite and weapons. Execute is most efficient against big minions and minions with taunt when doing your combo.

Whirlwind - Used for versitality. Used to draw cards from Acolate of pain, enable minions for Battle Rage, enable Exectute and such.

Fiery War Axe - Not many questions here, used as early removal and removal in general.

Battle Rage - Draw card engine, not as good as Patrion Warrior though so don't be too greedy with it, two cards is still good.

Heroic Strike - Used as removal or burst damage. Combined with a weapon your hero will get 7-8 atatck, enough to clear out a big creature for cheap while taking much face damage(which is a good thing in control match-ups).

Slam - Mostly used to enable Exectute while drawing deeper into your deck. This card is substitutable with Bloodmage Thalnos though, both works fine.

Loot Hoarder - Very good and cheap card cycle card, very good to get out early.

Charge - One of the combo pieces, never use unless lethal or absolutely have to to survive.

Acolyte of Pain - Another important draw engine, try do get at least two draws from it. Dropping it right before a Death's Bite trigger is a strong combo.

Death's Bite - Used to remove enemy minions while taking face damage. Use the deathrattle wise, try to enable ExectuteBattle Rage and Acolyte of Pain.

Mortal Strike - Used for remove enemy creatures and deal damage to the enemy heroes. Often you only need 10 damage to the enemy face before you pull off your combo and Mortal Strike among some other cards takes care of this.

Gnomish Inventor - Very good card for cycle your deck while getting a nice body on board. 

Kor'kron Elite - Mostly used for the same purpose as Mortal Strike, but can be really good to drop on an empty board to bring down the opponents life total a bit. I would value Mortal Strike more as it can go though taunt and deal 6 damage if you have low life total. 

Faceless Manipulator - One of the combo pieces, never use unless lethal or absolutely have to to survive.

Emperor Thaurissan - Very important card that can make your combos much cheaper and much stronger. Try to use when you have many combo pieces in hand, he is much stronger that way. 

Molten Giant - One of the combo pieces, don't play even if it's free, save for combo even if you have two of them in hand. Sometimes it is worth to play one or two of them if it's absolutely crucial against aggro. 


First Tier: Loot Hoarder and Fiery War Axe - Always try to have these in your opening hand.

Second Tier: Death's Bite and Gnomish Inventor - Is okay to have in the opening hand, especially if you go second, two copies of one is too much hthough, mulligan away one of them is that case.

Third Tier: Acolyte of PainKor'kron Elite and Mortal Strike - Can be quite good, especially in certain match-ups. Try often to mulligan this away but it's not wrong to keep one(or maybe even two) if your hand is bad, espcially if you go second.

Everything else is not worth keeping in your mulligan hand(can be some exceptions) and should be mulligan away. 


  • Don't avoid armoring up just because you want to get to a lower life total quicker. The opponent can make the read that you have molten giants that way and often it is in your favour when the game prolonges.
  • A weapon can be good to have equipped the turn before the wanna unleash the combo. In some match-ups(like Druid) it can be dangerous to go down do a low life total, but if you have a weapon equipped you can smash your hero on one of the opponents big minion så you now can afford to play Molten Giant.

Damage output:

The most basic combo you can pull of is:

And it deals 20 damage. But there is also basic 30 damage burst combos, and these are:

But these combos needs mana reduction from Emperor Thaurissan, although, it's quite easy to pull off. Inner Rage is potentially 4 burst damage in your end combo(in soem cases 6 damage), you hit it on one of your Molten Giant's before you copy it with your Faceless Manipulator


It may seem weird but this deck actually works. I've played over a 100 games with it and have a positive winrate(~60%-65%, didn't record all of my games) around ranks 13-7. But also it's very fun to play! The deck requires much strategy while at the same time it a complete new way to play the game. I hope you give it a shot so you can experience all the fun I have had with it! Add me if you want on EU Blueberry#2789

Enjoy :)