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    posted a message on Top 3 is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    So, basically is this https://ibb.co/LrzPwrB vs this: https://ibb.co/PgpJ0sP

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    Ok, so after a lot of tries I actually won by... not playing these bugged spells. Shaman worked great for me from the spells, totems, and minions a got. This was the bottom of all taverns... Feeling bad even when winning lol...

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    posted a message on Battle for the Earthen Ring - RaptorWithWings Custom Expansion, Card Animations, and Trailer!

    Don't do that! These cards and mechanics are way too good, and it's only sad, that they are not real! Jokes aside, there are very creative approaches out there and you deserve a lot of respect for your work! Thank you! 
    P.S. I want to play "Mike Pagle" Priest!

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    posted a message on Battle for the Earthen Ring - RaptorWithWings Custom Expansion, Card Animations, and Trailer!

    Outside the meme, "Mike Pagle" Priest would be insane! 

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    posted a message on Reward Track Update Coming Soon

    You can play:

    aggro vs aggro (fast game, not fun for some, great for others, not much XP for both players),

    aggro vs control (fast, mid to long game - better for both players),

    control vs control (slow, long game, a lot of XP for both players, but not the funniest way to play for all players)

    It's up to you and your opponent. Not to mention all other deck building archetypes that aren't fast enough and don't fit in "aggro" either.
    Turn-based XP is the better way. Maybe not the best, but better.

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    posted a message on Reward Track Update Coming Soon

    Ok. so it's time to say: "Thank you!"
    Thank you, for listening to our feedback, thank you for making changes!

    Now, the most important update should be the turn-based vs time-based XP.
    There are a lot of people between levels 45-50 already by just AFK BG all day every day...
    There is a big issue with botting...


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    posted a message on Shake, Deathrattle and Roll! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Yeah, another
    1. Win
    2. Get the pack
    3. Recieve 40 dust
    4. Repeat after a week
    type of brawl...

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    posted a message on To everyone here

    I was thinking, this game is dying. After Ben Brode left it's just not the same. There was a lot of hype about the new system revamp. Well, all of us saw what happened. I hope this post can make the game great once again if I am right. So, please give me your feedback about my thoughts.

    1. We need gold for 3 wins back. Or dust. We will appreciate dust for our wins.
    2. We need XP to be turn-based, not time-based. Also, more wins should give you more XP, just like the "star bonus".
    3. We need the mini mid-season set of cards to be free for all, or at least obtainable for gold (if we have any gold, so back to point 1.)
    4. We need less XP to be required for reaching every next level or we need more quests.
    5. At least 3 active tavern brawls per week. Tavern brawls is sometimes a very funny place, but most of the weeks it just win, get the pack, revisit after a week.

    6. Achievements are basically pointless. We don't want to use achievement points to buy skins and cosmetics somewhere in the future. We need to use them now, for something useful like, you know - gold, XP, dust. No, I'm not talking about finish a duel with 12 wins and 0 losses to get 1500 XP, I am talking about 1000 achievement points are equal to 1000 gold or 1000 dust or 2000 XP. I am talking about more achievements, that can be achieved multiply times, like "Make 10 consecutive wins".
    7. New game mode. So, I think this will make the greatest difference:
    Imagine a new game mode, where you can play ALL (both WILD and STANDARD) cards even if you DON"T have it in your collection. Only in this mode, you can play them. One mode which IS and WILL be forever FREE to everyone! Mode, where you create a deck and play just like now in WILD, but with a few differences:
    - There is no "legend", but still has different ranks;
    - There are no rewards at the end of the month;
    - Every week there are different rules for creating your decks for example:
    - Create a deck of 30 legendary cards;
    - Only Common cards are allowed this week;
    - Your decks can contain no more than 5 spells;
    - You must use "Lorewalker Cho" in your decks;
    - Make a C'thun, Jade, or Reno-based deck.
    - It will be similar to the tavern brawl, but still competitive.
    The idea is to give the players a mode where they can experiment and enjoy all the cards the game can offer for FREE. To make a mode, where there is no "meta" and everything changes week after week. To make unplayable cards - playable! To make the game enjoyable for f2p players and for new players. I really want to hear your feedback and thoughts about this idea!

    Another version of that idea is to make casual play FREE.
    What I mean - If you play casual - you can use ALL cards (only Standard ones in Standard and ALL in Wild), you can play whatever you want, but you don't get XP, Gold, or any kind of rewards. If you play ranked, then you must use your own collection, to climb, grind, get rewards, and so on.

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    posted a message on REWARDS TRACK UPDATE - Official Blizzard Statement

    You want to apologize, release the mini-set for free then or you're too greedy to do such a generous thing, aren't you?

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    posted a message on New Progression & Reward System - Everything Blizzard Shared - Live Today!
    Quote from Kolento >>

    There are 50 levels in total, 150 gold for each of them.

     This statement is wrong! My bad, I am sorry!

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