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    posted a message on What about your legendaries drop rate?

    I got 12 out of 176, which is slightly  better than usual.  Expected rate would have been 10.  I also got a lot more out of the earlier packs.  It's possible the guaranteed legendary within the first 10 packs doesn't count toward pity timer, so a lot of people may have gotten 4 or 5 out of their preorders, but people who bought lots of packs regressed toward the 1-in-20 mean.

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    posted a message on My meta prediction

    If Aggro is viable in the meta, Aggro is optimal for climbing the ladder as long as the ladder climb involves playing a large number of games, because aggro plays more games per hour than control.

    The more complicated decks also tend to have less consistent or slower win conditions than simple decks.  And those decklists are going to struggle to find room for things like the mandatory weapon removal the new expansion seems to force every deck to carry.  I really wish decks like Quest Druid, Quest Hunter and Quest Paladin had more of a place in the meta.

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    posted a message on is it safe to craft The Lich King?

    Lich King is the new Ragnaros.  Any deck that would play Ragnaros before he went Hall of Fame can play Lich King.

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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play a Friend! 4.0



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    posted a message on What golden legendary will you craft before opening?

    Is it confirmed that if you craft a golden, you won't get the normal from packs?  They're treated as different cards in the crafting menu.

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    posted a message on Why I'm excited for the new set

    The last couple of expansions have each brought a lot of new deck archetypes.  C'Thun decks and N'zoth decks in Old Gods, the different multiclass gang archetypes in Gadgetzan and quests in Un'Goro.

    New archetypes either blow out the old ones, requiring us to collect the new cards and build new decks to be competitive, or they don't, and they never see play.  We have seen this pitfall with Gadgetzan, where Grimy Goons were never really competitive and the removal of Reno from Standard broke the Cabal Warlock and Priest decks.  We really saw it in Un'Goro, where a couple of quest decks were extremely dominant, while others were too weak to use in a remotely competitive setting.  

    Archetype decks also feel a lot less flexible, because they have to incorporate the centerpiece card, and then a range of cards that support the centerpiece.  It sometimes feels like the developers are building our decks for us.

    People are looking at the new set and are disappointed that they don't see individual cards that do a powerful thing that is the goal of a deck built around that card, like the quests or the gangs, but what I see when I look at the set are a lot of new options that create a broader set of competitive variations of existing decks, and are likely to bring back non archetypal decks like Ramp Druid, Control Warrior or Control Priest.  I like that, rather than building a death knight deck for each class, most of the death knights are strong all-around plays that will fit into most midrange or control variants of that class.

    For the first time in several expansions, we're also getting a new all-purpose neutral legendary in the Lich King, filling a slot that was vacated in Standard when Ragnaros was cycled out.  I don't think we've had one like this since Doctor Boom.

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    posted a message on New Hero Revealed: Thrall, Deathseer
    Quote from Mgalekgolo >>

    WOWZERS!! This seems kinda strong don't you think? lol, I still don't understand for instance why this card is 5 mana and for example the warlock one is going to be 10 mana cost, why aren't the DK hero cards all the same cost?

     This requires you to have a pretty well-developed board.
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    posted a message on I wrote an Arthas rap six years ago, and it's better than Brode's.

    Not looking to brag. Just stating facts.

    [link removed]


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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Reveal - Hadronox

    I really want Barney the dinosaur to be a viable deck, so my hope is that this is a piece of that puzzle.  I wonder how it will interact with Adapt taunts and Ancient of War.

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    posted a message on Are Amazon coins worth it?

    Amazon coins used to be a lot better.  They were constantly sold at 20% off face value, there were frequent deals that refunded coins when you spent them on Hearthstone cards, and Amazon didn't charge tax on digital purchases.

    These days, they're worth it sometimes for some players.

    It's very common to be able to get Itunes store credit for about 15% off face value.  Amazon sometimes goes to 20% off on the $100 increment.  And they gave 500 coins as a refund during the preorder period for the Un'Goro set.

    Right this minute, $100 worth of coins costs $83, so it's about the same as iTunes.

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    posted a message on Ranking the Quest Cards

    1) Mage

    2) Warrior

    3) Rogue

    4) Shaman

    5) Hunter

    6) Paladin

    7) Druid

    8) Priest 

    9) Warlock

    I think Mage and Warrior will find a long-term place in the meta. Mage may turn out to be so meta-defining that everyone will run Dirty Rat just to try to stop it. Rogue is probably going to start getting countered, but it is this expansion's pirate warrior.

    Shaman quest is very aggressive and probably beats rogue.  Hunter quest should wind up being decent.

    Pally and Druid are fun, but will struggle against the meta.

    Priest is a lot better in wild.

    Warlock isn't worth discarding 6 cards for. You can get your portal and still get rekt by rogue.


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    posted a message on Making Paladin Quest Work

    I have been messing with a wild version of this that uses the twin Valkyries and the djinn from League of Explorers.  It's a very fun deck, and it does well against jade druid and priest, but I am still struggling against aggro shaman and zoo.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Quest - Unite the Murlocs

    The problem with a quest card in an aggro deck is that you don't get to play a minion on turn 1.  

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card - Inkmaster Solia
    Quote from matt1248 >>

    This card is simply amazing. Dont forget to play it and THEN complain it's overrate. Solia with Firelands or Flamestrike is gamewinning. I've been having TONS of fun with strifecro's reno mage with Antonidas and Solia, would highly recommend the deck and the card. Also, the entrance is amazing.

     Use Solia to play your 10 mana Kazakus spell!
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    posted a message on Best Cards of Gadgetzan?
    Quote from KarabelasReal >>

    Meme Idol is Jade Idol? Lol. I think that's the top1 card of the expansion and one of the strongest, if not the strongest, card ever released in the game. It's a 1mana spell that single handedly cancels fatigue, can act as its own win condition, and means that the traditional concept of a "control" deck as we know it no longer exists, because no control deck can hope to out-resource a deck that runs a single copy of Jade Idol. That's a lot for a 1mana spell. The only reason I didnt rank the cards is because I can't accurately predict their impact on the meta; Jade Idol imo is strongest on a power level to anythinge else, but i'm pretty sure most of your games on ladder will be against pirate warrior, not jade druid.

    I agree with you that Patches is definitely really strong. But I wouldn't call Small-time buccaneer fair without it. It's a 1mana 3/2 in any class that can reliably have a weapon out on turn2 - this is really busted in a game that considers Leper Gnome a card requiring a nerf.

     The thing is, it's a druid card.  You're committing cards to ramping up your mana.  It's hard to survive to fatigue when you are drawing Jade Idols and shuffling them back into the deck.
    How is Jade Druid doing right now against midrange Shaman?
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