ManaGrind Presents: Friday Night Swiss #8 [02/07]

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    ManaGrind is proud to present the return of Swiss Format play! 

    EU: Friday February 7th, 2014 7pm(CET)

    NA: Friday February 7th, 2014 8pm(EST)

    The Swiss format is the gold standard of most TCG's and we are glad to bring it back to the Hearthstone community after countless feedback from the survey. We at ManaGrind feel that Swiss tournaments will allow players to get more matches per tournament and have a greater experience overall for differing levels of competitive play. Please make sure to read all rules.

    Specific Changes from other format.

    1. All players must be on our TS3 for this tournament. (TS3 info: You do not need to have a microphone, just need to listen for instructions.

    2. There is no sideboard, deck swapping, class swapping. What you bring is what you play!

    3. Each preliminary round is BO1. Once the top 8(less then 58 players) or top 16(58 or more players) are determined, those players will play against just each other in a BO3 rounds till the finals.Finals are BO5. Please note that losing one round does not mean that is it. In Swiss you will get 5 or more rounds of play. It is possible to lose one round and still win the tournament. 

    4. Top 8 or top 16 are required to submit a screen shot of their decks to the Tournament Admin. 

    Region specific Links and additional info:

    EU. Swiss Tournament.
    Direct signup link:

    NA. Swiss Tournament.
    Direct signup link:


     We look forward to seeing you there and wish you all good luck.

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    Going to have to show up again this week, but instead of lose terribly kick some ass  ;)

    @Fluxflashor - HearthPwn Community Manager
    Possibly a Mage Player
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    Hey those links actually link to the Swiss week #7, not 8.

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    Thanks the links are fixed now

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    Hi new to this, can anyone tell me from the past how long does the tournament deck? Also if there is any breaks between games etc...I am a full time dad so need to know how much time i need to devote to this. Thanks!

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    If your games are decently timed you usually get 10 minutes or so between rounds and if you get to the finals it usually goes till about 1am but the regular matches finish at around 11pm or so. I'm going of the NA tournaments but id assume the EU is similar. 

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    Quote from Fluxflashor »

    Going to have to show up again this week, but instead of lose terribly kick some ass  ;)

    I like this plan. I think I'm going to adopt it as well.

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    If all goes well these FNS tournaments will run a hell of a lot faster.

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    Hi, I'm new on this, i wish know if there is any prizes with this kind of tournament

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    right now we only have support for NA and that is every other week


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    What's the typical range of skill level in these tournaments? I've only been playing since the open beta started, would it be worth while for me?

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    We have had some people play for like 2 weeks win them and then we have seasoned pros win them depends on who shows up and how good you are...Either way its lots of fun


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    We have a report of challonge acting up in terms of sign ups......please use these links to sign up...



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    Woop woop! Hopefully i'll win more than my first 2 this week

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    Supreme Champion: [CG]AmetystDrago#1839
    Worthy Adversary: Kaldi2584
    Maybe Next Time: CoolGer
    4th place: Relix_
    5th place tie: neemand
    [idé mascot]DetroX#2781_Warlock
    9th place tie: waveshaft

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    Supreme Champion: Vador513
    Worthy Adversary: WhaleCancer
    Maybe Next Time: Wampie
    4th place: Bohemian(Dem#1463)
    5th place tie: MGbeastmode
    9th place tie: Melphys
    spaJJ TFU

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    Big shout out to RizeUpGaming and all those wonderful prizes....You guys are beyond amazing.

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    <3 RizeUpGaming <3

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