[Spark] Pyromaniac Secrets (S2)

The Deck has been updated slightly since Naxxramas but probably have to be reworked, I won't update it here anymore but rather post new Decks ;)

Hello everyone I’m Spark, Legend player from Hearthstone, and today I’m presenting you a Control Hunter that I recently built and had some great success with.
The basic idea was to play Savannah Highmane as a late game threat and Eaglehorn Bow as a versatile control and pressure tool along with Snipe to annoy Miracle Rogue and Explosive Trap to fight Aggro decks. The slower nature of my choice lead me towards a Control archetype, using a synergy that I already tested before : Wild Pyromancer and Hunter's Mark

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Gameplay Video :

Naxxramas update :
- 2x Elven Archer
- 2x Loot Hoarder
+ 2x Mad Scientist
+ 1x Loatheb
+ 1x The Black Knight