Hearthstone Test Season 2 Begins!

Hearthstone Test Season 2 Begins! Delayed!

Season 2 will not be starting today as originally planned.

The ranked ladder is being reset on all beta realms, and we're going into season 2! The reset will occur during the schedule maintenance period for your server. Good luck!

Quote from Blizzard

Welcome to Test Season 2 of Hearthstone’s Ranked Play mode! At the beginning of each Ranked Play season, all players will have their ranks reset to Rank 25. Test Season 2 will last until the end of the month, which should allow you ample time to work your way up the ladder to become a Hearthstone legend! Your continued testing efforts help us make all of our games modes a better experience for all Hearthstone players, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please note that during our Test Seasons, Ranked Play rewards will not be available.

Please continue to submit your feedback on our Ranked Play mode on our forums here. If you discover any bugs during your duels, our Bug Report forums can be found here - let us know about them!

Tired of being an Angry Chicken? Battle against other players of similar rank to ascend the Ranked Play ladder and become a Hearthstone legend!

Have a safe and happy New Year from all of us on the Hearthstone team!


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    #7 THodgey (Beta Patch 4243)

    Does this mean that our packs would be reset?

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    #8 GordyK (Beta Patch 4243)

    I almost laughed by this question, then I realized it's an understandable concern I suppose.. So to answer your question, that would be a "No".

    Blizzard has already announced multiple times there will be no more erasing of collections, deletion of cards, removal of packs, and any other term I'm lacking thereof in response to these sort of questions. What's done is done, any cards/packs purchased or earned are final.

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    #5 GordyK (Beta Patch 4243)

    Why hasn't US ladder been reset?  Anyone have an update..

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    #6 Fluxflashor (Beta Patch 4243)

    Season 2 will not be starting today as originally planned.

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    #4 professorryze (Beta Patch 4243)

    Anyone know when the servers will be back up?

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    #1 pmpch (Beta Patch 4243)

    EU hasn't been reset. Will happen tonight at 0200 CET. So no, it's not on all realms, yet.

    Last edited by pmpch on 1/2/2014 12:23:00 PM
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    #2 Scythape (Beta Patch 4243)

    Thanks for the notifcation! :)

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