Hearthstone Test Season 2 Update: Season 2 Delayed

Update 5:12 PM EST: Season 2 will likely be delayed in Europe. (Source)

Hearthstone Test Season 2 Delayed

Season 2 will not be starting today as originally planned.

Quote from Zeriyah

During today’s Hearthstone closed beta maintenance (Thursday, January 2nd), we’ve discovered some pesky sprites that are currently preventing us from properly transitioning from Test Season 1 to Test Season 2. Due to these issues, we are extending the duration of Test Season 1 until we can ensure a smooth transition.

When the servers come back up from maintenance today, player ranks will not have changed, and Test Season 1 will continue until further notice. 

Thank you for your understanding as we continue the beta testing phase of Hearthstone.

Season 2 in Europe Delayed

Season 2 will likely be delayed in Europe.

Quote from Omrakos

Yes, it will likely be delayed in Europe. They'll need time to resolve the issues they were having and then time again to have the fix or fixes fully tested by our QA Team.



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