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Kohai's Oil Rogue K&C [WILD]

  • Last updated Dec 14, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Oil Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 9080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/7/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • Kohai_
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little side note: I'm actually switching from Wild to Standard because the meta here is not enjoyable at all for me. So probably I won't create any wild decks anymore 



Oil Rogue in Kobolds & Catacombs




-Why no Cavern Shinyfinder? (to make my 'LUL cavern shinyfinder is just a bad card xd' statement clear)

I have to admit, at the start of this expansion I also thought Cavern Shinyfinder  is basically a core card in this deck. But it feels rather clunky for an already 'aggro-unfavoured' deck. Cards like SI:7 Agent will give you an easier time vs certain aggro decks. Yes, Cavern Shinyfinder lets you find Kingsbane, but do you really want that in the early game? In the late game we've already drawn all our resources thanks to 2x Sprint and 2x Azure Drake.

Kingsbane isn't the core card of the deck, it's tinker's oil and the deck would still be playable without kingsbane. Look at kingsbane as an "alternative win condition" against control decks. If you notice you can't burst your opponent down you need to basically go for the second win condition and draw a lot of cards (which is fairly easy with double sprint and azure drake) so you can keep buffing kinsbane. (and at this point of the game kingsbane should also prevent you for dying to fatigue dmg) Also I've seen that 89% keep Kingsbane in the mulligan, which is a misplay in my opinion.

I know this decks Standard counterpart Kingsbane Rogue includes Cavern Shinyfinder. That's because they pretty much rely on Kingsbane and the  meta isn't nearly as aggressive there as in wild so they can play a 2 mana 3/1 without  feeling bad.


-Replacement for Fal'dorei Strider?

You have 2 options: 

You can replace 2 Fal'dorei Strider with 2 Piloted Shredder and keep the 2 Sprints

You can cut 2 Fal'dorei Strider, add 2 Tomb Pillager and replace 1 Sprint for 1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer to go for a more 'miracle-style' of Oil Rogue


-How is Oil Rogue in the meta? 

That's not an easy answer, because the meta will shape, but for now it's worse than last expansion because most decks got more aggressive. Yes, we got more tools for Oil Rogue but that's sadly not enough. (at least for now) Burn Mage basically shits more on Rogue than anything else. (It's around 20% / 80% matchup) Aggro Druids and Pirate Warriors are probably still around. (I haven't faced much of those but I'm pretty sure they are still good) Even Paladin decks (which were always a favoured matchup) got more aggressive and now kick your ass with Call to Arms. So as the meta is for now Oil Rogue is probably low Tier 3 or top Tier 4. 

We have to hope that Reno Priest becomes the king of the ladder again to punish all those aggro decks which is fairly possible. If the meta becomes either a midrange or control meta Oil Rogue will rise as well. 


-Why Azure Drake over Elven Minstrel?

I have plenty of reasons why Azure Drake is better than Elven Minstrel in this particular list. 

First of all, Azure Drake can draw you a Fal'dorei Strider token, Elven Minstrel can't. Azure Drake doesn't draw you minions, that's important. You almost always want to draw a spell from Azure Drake to gain the tempo back. (cards like Backstab, Sap, Eviscerate, Preparation)

Spell damage is únderrated? I love to include the 'Spell dmg' package in most of my rogue decks (including 2 Azure Drake, 2 Fan of Knives, 2 Backstab, 2 Eviscerate and Bloodmage Thalnos). Spell damage gives you some kind of board clear in Rogue and comined with Preparation it can generate huge tempo swings. + Azure Drake is good against Priest.


-Why no Leeching Poison to help against Aggro?

Well it's true, it certainly helps against Aggro. It could increase the Matchup against Burn Mage and I can see it as a tech-card against them, but that's literally it. Against every other Aggro deck out there it's most of the time a 2 mana 'do-nothing card' which doesn't affect the board (and most aggro decks in wild rely heavily on board). You sometimes just have to trust Swashburglar giving you something defensive. 

Leeching Poison could possibly make the cut in the deck as the meta evolves.


-What about Beneath The Grounds?

Beneath the Grounds really isnt necessary anymore thanks to Kingsbane, which punishes reno decks already. Now we have to equip Oil Rogue against Aggro decks only.


-How does Rummaging Kobold interact with Kingsbane?

Rummaging Kobold gives you an unbuffed Kingsbane or possibly a Wicked Knife. Sooo a pretty useless card in the deck. 


-Is this deck viable without Patches?




Loatheb is just Loatheb. He's a good card and I can see him replacing Vilespine Slayer because it's so good against Burn Mage. But let's see how the meta evolves. 


Tech options:

-1x Vilespine Slayer, +1x Loatheb or +1x Dark Iron Skulker to target specific decks


 Here some Stats:

We made it to HSReplay again, incredible

Link: https://hsreplay.net/decks/#gameType=RANKED_WILD

Overall Winrate: 59,5%

Again, I'm not surprised, the meta is quite aggressive and Oil Rogue is probably 

a Tier 3 or 4 deck right now.

To give you guys a comparison: Oil Rogue last expansion had an overall winrate

of like 61 - 63% including multiple versions of it. 


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