3 Star Master Competitive Control Deck

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3 Star Master Competitive Control Deck v2.0

Credits: I saw this deck or something similar to it in one of the Twitch Streams and I made this deck based on what I saw and my original preferences on some cards. 

My win rate sits about 85-90% in this deck.


1- If you are playing second turn and you have Flametongue always coin Totem then Flame on 2nd turn (Throw Flame to the right side of the Totem) 

2- Always keep Forked Lightning in your drawing Hand this card is simply amazing.

3- Use your Hero Totems a lot especially in the first few turns.

4- If you have Mana tide and your Opponent got 0 monsters on the field Throw it, you will either get at least 2 draws out of it or the opponent will waste a destruction card against it thanks to it's amazing 3 health pool.

5- Your Big Boys generally should go like this (Fire Elemental > Earth Elemental > Ragna > Malygos) Malygos is simply Over-powered in this deck ( Earth Shock > Silence + 6 damage / Lightning Bolt = 8 damage / Lava = 10 Damage / Lightning Storm = 7-8 Damage AOE / Forked = 7 Damage to 2 Targets ) you get my point =)

6- Throw Unbound Elemental when you can throw Overload cards in the same turn (Personal Preference)  this card is insane when left alone.

7- Don't waste your Weapons hit on the Enemy Hero when he is on high health get his minions instead.

8- Always protect your +1 Spell Damage Totem, it will save you one day =)

9- The Above rules are meant to be broken on special conditions of course XD


Other Viable Cards:-

Illidan Stormrage: Because of the low cost cards you throw this card can spiral out of control.

Raid Leader: can give a nice bonus to your Totems

Stormwind Champion: same as Raid Leader but with Extra Health also =)

Thanks for reading and good luck on your Route to the top of the ladder.