Value Town Finale - Hearthstone Dev Interview, Versus Series: Birdy vs Jonpii, Arena Entry Issues, Hearthstone Tablet Giveaway

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Value Town Finale

Today, the last episode of ChanmanV's Value Town aired and it featured Hearthstone Senior Game Designer, Mike Donais. We've got a recap of new information, and the videos of the show below.

Thanks for the great show ChanmanV, we'll miss it! For more information on why ValueTown is being cancelled, check out this video.

  • The next card expansion will feature "not exactly 100 cards, but it's a lot".
  • The cards in the next expansion will come out of a new booster pack.
  • You will still need to purchase Expert booster packs to get Expert cards. You'll have two choices in the store.
  • There is no current goal for expansion release cycles, but they're working hard on the next one.
  • The devs are not currently working on 2v2 formats. They're "maybe" thinking about it.
  • Mike liked the Lord of the Arena series (Congrats Reynad on winning your own tournament) and it would be nice if they could facilitate this better.
  • Instead of adding more silence cards to the game to combat potential Deathrattle problems, cards should be added which address Deathrattle directly.
  • The Paladin class challenge was not the best one, it's a lesson learned. Could have been more buff cards.

Versus Series: Birdy vs Jonpii

Jotto's back with another episode of Versus Series. Today, Ace Breaker's own Birdy takes on DJ Jonpii in a best of three, deck elimination format. Check out the matches below, along with their decklists!

Arena Entry Issues

If you've been having issues entering the arena, Rolkyr posted a thread this afternoon requesting more information from players to help figure out the cause. You can submit your information here.

Quote from Rolkyr

 We are aware of the current issue with players being unable to enter the arena. If you are experiencing this, please reply with the following information below:

  • What region are you playing in?
  • Can you provide a screen shot of what you are seeing?
  • Are you getting any errors?
  • When exactly did this start happening?
  • Are you stuck at the reward screen, the entry price screen or anywhere in between?

Any additional info on this matter is greatly appreciate. I will also be updating THIS thread with information as it becomes available to me. Thank you all for your patience as we work to get this resolved. Cheers!

Intel Hearthstone Tablet Giveaway

Free stuff? Yep! To celebrate the arrival of Hearthstone on Windows 8 touch devices, Intel is giving away 30 Hearthstone capable Tablets, and a 2 in 1 Ultrabook as a grand prize. The giveaway is only open to residents of the United States, and is accepting entries until October 12th.


  • +1
    #37 TheeParadox (Naxx Launch)

    RIP Value Town </3

  • +1
    #36 Turalyon71 (Naxx Launch)

    New expansion will take a lot of time to be out.... Sad to see Value town end... It was one of the best E-sports show...

  • +1
    #35 BEAST (Naxx Launch)

    I just hope new expansion will keep the price of booster pack the same at 100 gold, and also make it available in Arena. Best solution for us players would be if you could choose booster pack which you'll receive, either when you start arena run or when you finish it.

  • +1
    #32 Domtux (Naxx Launch)

    Can't mess with a free sweepstakes

  • +3
    #31 PlayerKent (Naxx Launch)

    I'm curious, to all the people who are wary of new booster packs, how did you think that the expansion would be released? I sort of figured it was a given that this was the way they'd do actual expansions, as opposed to adventures, simply because that's the way TCGs work.

  • +2
    #29 Reav3 (Naxx Launch)

    So...Mike Donais says:
     "There is alot of cool stuff in September" and he says it in a way that implies there's something we don't know about in Sept.

    The Blizz PAX Blog Press Release says:

    "A chance to find out what’s in the cards for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, "

    PAX Date "Aug 29th-Sept 1st"

    Conclusion: Next Hearthstone Expansion could be announced at PAX Prime!

    The hype is real

  • +1
    #34 AsurHS (Naxx Launch)

    well, didnt thought about an announcing cuz we are already talking about so for us its already confirmed so to speak.. but u are right i guess,they will have to announce it for a bigger audience and so more or less *officially* and  get the hype train started!!!11

    i mean way more cards -> way more spoilers that will be a HUUUUGE hypetrain after some months..*TUUUUT* *TUUUUT*

    maybe they have a few ready for pax

  • -1
    #24 IlProphet (Naxx Launch)

    More packs to buy -_-


  • +2
    #18 Silegy (Naxx Launch)

    Eh, personally, I do not like it. I mean, look at Naxx. It is only 30 cards and the meta is shaking like crazy. Something like 90 might be a tiny bit too much, but that is only my personal opinion.

  • +1
    #21 Ascate2 (Naxx Launch)

    I would actually LOVE to have whole new meta because I haven't had so much fun as after Naxxramas in last few months ... people are actually trying to experience and fit new cards in their old decks and it is not like "zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, random class, zoo, zoo ..." but there is actually some diversity 

  • +1
    #26 Silegy (Naxx Launch)

    Yesterday I played 7 games. One weird aggro priest and 6 zoolocks :D But that it just a rotten luck, not saying everyone is playing zoo. Because there  is only hunter on the ladder (They say. I havent met a single one, lol.)

  • +1
    #27 Ascate2 (Naxx Launch)

    Out of 20 games I actually had just 3x zoo in last two days ... love that! :D

  • -2
    #16 Feenux90 (Naxx Launch)

    I'm not sure if that "choose between 2 booster option" is a good choice but still worth a try. It works for real card games so why not...maybe...dunno

    And i can just repeat: 2 vs. 2 should be No.1 priority and then android system support

    Last edited by Feenux90 on 8/23/2014 5:03:12 AM
  • +3
    #22 Ascate2 (Naxx Launch)

    I believe that spectator mode should be No. 1 priority ;) 

  • +1
    #30 Feenux90 (Naxx Launch)

    i would rather play with my mate then watch him while he plays^^ but i agree that they should hurry up with the spectator mode (would be the easiest to achive i guess)

  • -3
    #15 UnSurreal (Naxx Launch)

    Is it one booster pack for the whole expansion?

    Or you have to buy multiple booster packs, again and again until you collect all 100, which means duplicates and pure luck?

  • +3
    #17 Feenux90 (Naxx Launch)

    it most certainly will be like the booster packs already there. so you'll need to buy a lot to get them all. we have to hope that both card pools share the same dust!

  • +1
    #13 kobisjeruk (Naxx Launch)

    Mike Donais of the Donais 5c fame? O.o

  • +3
    #12 AsurHS (Naxx Launch)

    i think new boosters for next expansion is the right way to go and everything other than that wouldnt made much sense.
    its the traditional tcg/ccg way of releasing cards and imo a good,no need to be/get confused by differant sort of packs i mean cmon :D

  • 0
    #10 senti_rk (Naxx Launch)

    Will the exepansion also contain basic cards?

    I'm not quite sure about new booster packs. On the one hand it helps to get the new cards, on the other hand it's getting complicated when more expansions are released...

    Last edited by senti_rk on 8/22/2014 4:43:01 AM
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