Curse of Naxxramas Releasing on July 22, Overview, Card Recap

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Curse of Naxxramas Releasing on July 22

It's happening. The Curse of Naxxramas Adventure will be released on July 22 in the Americas and July 23rd in Europe. The Arachnid Quarter will be the first wing available in the adventure on July 22, the other wings will be released one at a time on a weekly basis. 

What excites you the most about the Curse of Naxxramas?

Quote from Blizzard

Are you prepared to face the horrors lurking within the dread necropolis Naxxramas? Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure is just about ready to open its gates to the world. There’s a whole host of undead monsters inhabiting the halls of Naxxramas, ready and waiting to defend their lair against Hearthstone’s heroes. If you . . . somehow . . . manage to defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with ghastly new cards for your Hearthstone collection!

Curse of Naxxramas goes live globally for Windows®, Mac®, and iPad® on Tuesday, July 22, starting with the Arachnid Quarter, the first of five creepy wings that will be released weekly after the gates are opened. The Arachnid Quarter will be free to play during the Curse of Naxxramas launch event, which will last roughly a month. Those brave enough to step foot into the Arachnid Quarter during the launch event will unlock it permanently for free. Check out our recent blog for further details on how to access the Arachnid Quarter and the subsequent wings of Naxxramas.

Polish up your decks, card-slingers—we’ll see you inside the necropolis soon!

Naxxramas Overview

Looking for more information on the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure? Look no further!

Naxxramas Card Recap

It's been a while since we've seen new cards, so check out all the old ones! Don't forget, if you'd like Naxxramas (and more) card tooltips on your site, check out our tooltips.





  • +2
    #116 DevizzLIVE (Naxx Launch)

    That took them a while, lets  hope that the next adventure will be released much sooner.

  • 0
    #114 rbeasley123 (Live Patch 5506)

    Well at least we have a date now on when it will really release, August 21st/22nd

  • +1
    #112 ScorchHellfire (Live Patch 5506)

    Just can't wait for those epic duplicate, faceless, Kel'thuzad (summons everything of yours that died that turn) combos. Just wait til' someone figures out how to work in Antonidas for infinite fireballs.

  • +1
    #113 Adurin (Live Patch 5506)

    Value Overload xD

  • +1
    #109 WorldK (Live Patch 5506)

    very nice naxxaramas it a rly good all cards 

  • +1
    #108 Reidor (Live Patch 5506)

    New card :)

  • +1
    #111 Kinak (Live Patch 5506)

    (From @PlayHearthstone Twitter.)

    It's a really interesting card. It buys you a spell-free turn, but deciding the best time to play it definitely won't be trivial. It could be nice as a final play to buy one last turn against Miracle or Druid Combo, but I'd imagine most of the time it'll just turn off removal for a turn.

    Knowledgeable play definitely decides whether this is a slightly-worse Stranglethorn Tiger or a back-breaking tempo play. So I kind of have to like it.

    Last edited by Kinak on 7/18/2014 2:57:34 PM
  • +2
    #106 Reidor (Live Patch 5506)

    where this card? :D

  • +1
    #107 Kinak (Live Patch 5506)

    There are a number of non-collectible cards that are only supposed to show up in the bosses decks. As I recall, that's supposed to be one of those.

    Would be a fun card, though :)

  • +8
    #110 Nightghost (Live Patch 5506)

    and these cards?

  • +1
    #101 Turalyon71 (Live Patch 5506)

    Yay!! Finally Nax is getting closer!!

  • +1
    #97 Asuryan (Live Patch 5506)

    Looking forward to it!

  • +2
    #95 Deepfriedegg (Live Patch 5506)

    My guess for Arachnid quarter cards is as follows: 

    Neutral: Nerubian Egg (obviously, the Nerubians reside in the Arachnid Quarter, might be a "drop" from Anub'Rekhan) 

    Class: Anub'ar Ambusher (the same reason, might be Anub'Rekhan class challenge card) and Webspinner(Maexxna class challenge card)

    Other: two more boss drop cards, no more class challenge cards and one legendary for completing the wing. It will be Maexxna [beast] 8 mana, 4 attack, 7 health, Battlecry: turn random enemy minion into 0/2 cocoon, Enrage: +3 attack.

    Last edited by Deepfriedegg on 7/18/2014 4:12:54 AM
  • -6
    #86 Nightghost (Live Patch 5506)

    the launcher shows 23 july as release date. europe harmed like always

  • +6
    #87 Bloodmoth (Live Patch 5506)

    Not really... They will be released same time in my opinion, its just afternoon 22nd + time difference ends up being 23rd for us in Europe...

  • +3
    #100 PoeticStanziel (Live Patch 5506)

    Timezones, yo! They are real.

  • +1
    #103 DeAdLiNe (Live Patch 5506)

    Well kinda way more convenient for US don't you think? If it is in the early hours of 23rd, you might as well say it is 23rd release for EU.

    Last edited by DeAdLiNe on 7/18/2014 6:29:45 AM
  • -2
    #105 Nightghost (Live Patch 5506)

    well did you stop to think that mby its harmful that its wednesday and not tuesday?

    i didnt write anything about longer wait for eu. 

    it just so happens i have vacation since monday and thx to timezones that are real yo i have 1 day wasted.

  • +2
    #85 Kargen (Live Patch 5506)

    Wow, an actual release date? That's a Hearthstone first!

  • 0
    #84 LTCowboi (Live Patch 5506)

    i wonder if beating a Boss (or wing perhaps) will grant some amount of gold needed to buying next wing, what will be the point of making 'lauch event' and opening one wing at the time if we are unable to earn 700g in a week without grinding all week long or without saving it for month before opening

    Last edited by LTCowboi on 7/18/2014 1:27:16 AM
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