Announcer Voiceovers, Fireside Chat Tomorrow

Announcer Voiceovers

Players will encounter the announcer many times throughout playing Hearthstone. He's the guy who let's you know when your game is ready, when you've failed, and when you get new shiny cards.

Announcer Voiceovers: Card Gets

Check out the multilingual voiceovers for each time you obtain a certain type of card (presumably).

Announcer Voiceovers: Foil Card Gets

And the list wouldn't be complete without the foil versions. Are they legendary or just epic?

Fireside Chat Tomorrow

We've had to reschedule this weeks Fireside Chat, so we will be live tomorrow at 6pm EST on the HearthPwn Twitch Channel. Our Twitter account will tweet when we go live so make sure to follow it and the twitch channel so you don't miss out on another exciting podcast. If you have any discussion requests, feel free to reply here.


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    #10 hellfurion (Beta Patch 3388)

    In my opinion, there should be different voice overs for different game modes or situations.

    For example, wouldn't it be a lot better if a wise-cracking Goblin was talking when you are trying to buy some cards at the store? Or a jittery Gnome was teaching you how to do things at the forge? There are lots of potential here. 

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    #8 Mahoraba (Beta Patch 3388)

    Sounds getting muted if that guy talks, ever.

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    #9 Aliok (Beta Patch 3388)

    Quote from Mahoraba »

    Sounds getting muted if that guy talks, ever.

    Yeah... One expansion of WoW of Brann Bronzebeard being everywhere is enough to last me several lifetimes.

    Also, why can't we get a female announcer? I'd love to have the female voice-over from the vanilla WoW cinematic trailer!

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    #7 angelcrest (Beta Patch 3388)

    That announcer is far too enthusiastic :D

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    #6 Hearth2Hearth (Beta Patch 3388)

    Well that announcer is hella annoying. Oh well.

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    #3 Phoenixgold (Beta Patch 3388)

    "WELCOME to the Golden Goblin! Whadda ye got there?" ~As-Yet-Unnamed Dwarven Announcer

    Soooo... The "tavern" or "inn" we've come to play in is named the Golden Goblin, eh?  *scribbles down, takes notes, hopes it's not in Pandaria (yeah, you read that right)*

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    #4 Nethara (Beta Patch 3388)

    I really don't see why it would be an inn in Pandaria, seeing as they didn't know that Goblins existed until just recently...

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    #5 Phoenixgold (Beta Patch 3388)

    Quote from Nethara »

    I really don't see why it would be an inn in Pandaria, seeing as they didn't know that Goblins existed until just recently...

    Too bad there isn't a "like" or "agree" button, or I'd click it! :D

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    #2 Nethara (Beta Patch 3388)

    Before anyone's hearts are broken too hard, keep in mind that datamined information isn't necessarily going to make it to's entirely possible that this was recorded before they decided not to have tournaments at launch.  Granted, it has been a hugely popular feature to beg for, so I'm still fairly optimistic...

    As for that announcer...if I can't disable that voice, I'm gonna have to play with the sound off.

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    #1 xskarma (Beta Patch 3388)

    Well, well, well. "The Weekly tournament, everyone is welcome!" That's not something I'd heard about. So there's going to be a weekly event, which presumably rewards with prizes, in a tournament format. That sounds VERY intriguing. :D

    Wonder what the tournament format will be, and more importantly, what the prizes will be!

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