OGN to Broadcast Competitive Hearthstone in Korea, ManaCast #13, Beta Key Giveaway

OnGameNet to Broadcast Competitive Hearthstone in Korea

Announced today on the StarCraft II Blog, OnGameNet, longtime producers of StarCraft and StarCraft II competitive content will be entering the world of Hearthstone next year. The blog was vague in what exactly OGN has planned for Hearthstone, but the post mentions that they will produce entertainment shows and tournaments for the game. Let's hope that we see a spectator client from the Hearthstone team sooner rather than later! #ESPORTS!

OGN has been a dedicated partner for WCS Korea 2013. In addition to hosting a season of WCS Korea and a Season Final, OGN also broadcasted the WCS Global Finals live from BlizzCon on November 8-9. With the goal to provide a more streamlined experience for both the players and the audience, OGN will not be hosting WCS Korea 2014. OGN has rights to run both StarCraft and StarCraft II tournaments alongside WCS and will be able to run WCS global events that offer WCS points. Additionally, OGN will remain our partner outside of the WCS and will produce entertainment shows and tournaments for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

ManaCast #13 - The Hearthstone Show

The thirteenth episode of ManaCast aired yesterday, and now the VoD is up! Trump was invited as a guest host on this week's ManaCast where the hosts discussed the latest weekend tournament results, incoming card changes announced at BlizzCon, and the decks that we saw in play during the Hearthstone Innkeeper's Invitational.

ManaCast is a Hearthstone Show which features high level discussion about various aspects of Hearthstone while staying not too serious. ManaCast airs live on Tuesdays, usually in the afternoon, over on the ManaGrind Twitch channel. The crew are working on getting a solid time every Tuesday to do the show, but we will post the VoD on Wednesday nights, so don't worry if you can't watch it live.

Update: Battle.net Desktop Closed Beta Participants Not Receiving Beta Keys

A number of players that were invited to beta test the Battle.net Desktop Application were told they would receive a gift in the future. This gift was announced last week to be a Hearthstone beta key! Blizzard originally stated that everyone received their keys, but have since retracted that statement after discovering an error. Those who did not receive their gift for being in the Closed Beta test of the Battle.net Desktop Application, will be receiving it in the next week.

Just remember, these keys are only for people who installed and logged in to the Battle.net Desktop Application during its own Closed Beta. If you did not get into the closed beta for the BDA, you will have to wait for an opt-in invite, winning a beta key giveaway, or the open beta.

Recently, we rewarded players that were invited to and participated in our Battle.net desktop app closed beta test with a Hearthstone closed beta test key as per this announcement. We have since discovered that a number of these participants were not properly sent a Hearthstone beta key; the impacted players have now been identified and their beta key reward should be sent out within the next week. 

I would also like to take this moment to remind everyone to always remember to check your spam folders and Promotions tabs when checking for the Hearthstone closed beta invite, as our emails have a tendency to get caught there.

Hearthstone Beta Waves in NA

Blizzard sent out a wave of beta invites in the NA region after a week of no opt-in invites. No news for all the patient EU beta testers. To help get more of you access to the closed beta, we're reaching into our mysterious stash and holding another giveaway of our own. See below!

We are sending out a wave of Hearthstone beta opt-in invites for the North American region right now, which should conclude within an hour.

Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

There wasn't any news last night, but we're back with another beta key giveaway! With the news of OGN hosting Hearthstone content in the future, what kind of competitive content would you like to see more of out of the Hearthstone community? Let us know in the comments of this news post for a chance to win a Hearthstone beta key!

How To Enter

  • Reply to this news post with your answer to the following question: What kind of competitive content would you like to see more of out of the Hearthstone community?

How To Win

  • Contest closes on November 21st at 10 PM EST.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and sent private messages on HearthPwn.
  • You are allowed one entry into this contest. If you are found to have entered more than once, you will be disqualified and your accounts will be banned.
  • Winners will have 48 hours to respond to their private messages before their keys will be given out to someone else.


    #1220 leetz0rR (Beta Patch 3937)

    2v2 arena spectators mode and tournaments (not professional tournaments but like tournament mode).

    Last edited by leetz0rR on 11/23/2013 10:55:33 AM
    #1219 KogMaow (Beta Patch 3937)

    I don't play hearthstone yet but, I'd like to see a 2v2 mode, weekly tournaments, a spector mode and much more.

    #1218 lKKlReborn (Beta Patch 3937)

    What kind of competitive content would you like to see more of out of the Hearthstone community?
    The competitive content I would like to see is "Best of ____" because I would really enjoy to see Warlock vs Warlock, Mage vs Mage and other classes just fighting it out to see who can make the best deck of that class and it always allows people to gain like a title.  I would love to be able to call myself the best Hunter in NA/EU/Asia and much more.

    That's what I would like to see.

    #1217 MutenShi (Beta Patch 3937)

    I would like to see some professional tournaments too

    #1216 Kirionn (Beta Patch 3937)

    I would like to see some professional tournaments

    #1215 bwilli78 (Beta Patch 3937)

    Entering an arena draft with just a random group of people, in a tournament style battle. The players that get knocked out are able to watch if they want to see how it ends

    #1214 abowlofsoup (Beta Patch 3937)

    I really liked the 3 deck style of the blizzcon tournament. It would be great to have a knockout 3 deck tournament mode built into the game.

    #1212 Critieas (Beta Patch 3937)

    I think that a league of 8 players would be nice, they could play each other twice and have like a playoff and championship matches to see who is the best.

    #1211 rhawell02 (Beta Patch 3937)

    i would like to see some environment effects on gameplay.. like a new swamp themed board that gives +1 damage to creatures who dwell in swamps and cuts the damage dealt by none swamp dwelling creatures in half

    #1210 mcglorious (Beta Patch 3937)

    Some kind of Starcraft style all-kill team tournament would be super cool.

    #1209 chouzzchosen (Beta Patch 3937)

    In game weekend tournaments, similar to those you could come across is FIFA.

    #1208 MauroDiogo (Beta Patch 3937)

    A spectator mode would be amazing! :)

    #1207 daymare9075 (Beta Patch 3937)

    Either FFA or a kind of two-headed giant gamemode :D

    #1206 spideralex1 (Beta Patch 3937)

    A team based system would be nice.

    #1205 Diriar (Beta Patch 3937)

    2v2 format, increased Nana pools to 14, sounds too cool!

    #1204 xSiphrex (Beta Patch 3937)

    Definitely a spectator mode, so tournaments within the community can be much more accessible and easier to organize

    #1203 xanalon (Beta Patch 3937)

    I'd love to see more tournaments!

    #1202 Malphos101 (Beta Patch 3937)

    I would like to see more tournaments! I love some round robin tournament play and even sudden eliminations!

    #1201 wade33 (Beta Patch 3937)

    tournaments would be cool, as well as maybe an optional ability to wager cards when vs friends or something due to the lack of trading

    #1200 GoldenRobot (Beta Patch 3937)

    I think the best feature of Hearthstone is Arena mode. If there could be a head to head tournament of Arena made decks, no doubt that would showcase a player's skill the most and make for great matches.

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