The Coin at 10 Mana Crystals

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    I remember someone saying that when u use a ability that gives u a mana crystal at 10 mana crystals u draw a card instead. is that true? and if so would it work on Innervate?

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    I am not sure on this, but I believe I heard someone say that Innervate can't be cast at full mana, which would mean that it to trigger Excess Mana. This would also be the case with The Coin. I believe only cards that grant permanent mana crystals like Wild Growth and Nourish can be used to trigger Excess Mana.

    As I said, I'm not sure I'm 100% correct on this and it would be good if someone confirmed I'm not spreading lies here. I only know for sure it triggers with Wild Growth as seen here.

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    Permanent Mana Gains through cards like Wild Growth will draw a card for each mana crystal it was supposed to give you.

    Temporary Mana Gains through cards like Innervate will only refill empty mana crystals. I think a safe assumption can be made, you are either unable to play Innervate when you're at 10/10 mana, or it will just disappear into the Nether.

    Notes: Damn, Wise Owl beat me to it by seconds.
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