Can Magma Rager be good?



I tried I really did. I spent night after night trying to figure this guy out. I thought "Hey I'll make another silly gimmick deck" but no this card is actually more useless than my bachelors of fine arts. This card is the hearthstone equivalent to someone who gets surgery to have fake body builder muscles. They look tough until you take a swing and they go down like a sack of bricks.


Magma Rager

Captains parrot trades better than he does because at least then you can get a kind of draw power out of it. He dies to everything. He is the alternate universe harvest golem. But instead of having a goatee and doing evil things he dies in one shot for absolutely no value. Literally not having a card in your deck would be better because at least then you could draw something good.

The only combo I could find that works with him is void terror. His most useful function is DYING.

He'd be an ok card if he just had ONE MORE HEALTH. Then he'd be playable and in fact kinda ok but right now he's that kid on the playground that all the teachers are worried might not pass kindergarten again.

Magma Rager is guy you take with you to a bar that is suppose to be your wing man but then totally tries to get with the girl you are chatting up. He comes over and says something weird like "Are you an angel because my arms sure are tired?" (yeah with a question mark) Then he spends the rest of the evening talking about how awesome he is because he used to be a little league baseball team's waterboy. THAT'S MAGMA RAGER.

Any slightly valid strategy you could have with him would work better with any other card. Think about it you could use a wisp+power overwelming+void terror for 4 mana! Is that bad? YEAH BUT ITS STILL BETTER ISN'T IT?

Magma rager is more of a disappointment to my life than finding out that Santa isn't real.

Side note: Do you know how soul crushing that was for me? I cried dude.



 Magma rager+ power overwhelming+Void terror: Kill him from your deck

Spam your hero power: End the suffering


Call your mom. Tell her you love her.

Use the sorry command constantly no one deserves to have to deal with this.

Future improvements

Remove magma rager and replace him with literally any card.


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