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Jurassic Park

  • Last updated May 2, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Barnabus Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 8940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/30/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hey all, I play Hearthstone casually for fun, so I like to make my own weird decks.  Sometimes these decks are good, sometimes they are not, but they are fun to play!  Ever since I got into Hearthstone way back in Season 1 I've wanted to play 2 things, a cool Dragon deck (can check that off the list!) and a Dinosaur deck.  Up until Un'Goro launched the Dinosaur dream couldn't happen, so when the expansion was announced I was pretty stoked. Anyway, enough introduction..

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

t rex

In Jurassic Park we have lots and lots of Dinosaurs and there are some serious adventures to be had!

There are the fast little Bloodfen Raptor running around among the old Elder Longneck

Giant Mastodon graze alongside meandering Stegodon.

Giant Verdant Longneck, Gentle Megasaur and the massive Ultrasaur thunder through the forests and Giant Anaconda infested swamps with little fear of predators, unless of course..

You mean the horrifying Tyrantus, Charged Devilsaur and Volcanosaur on the prowl ready and willing to strike fear and terror into the hearts of any weary wanderer! 

Rest easy though adventurer for Elise the Trailblazer is here to guide you through the deadly jungle! She has Nourish to restore your supplies and Innervate of course when you want to get moving quickly!

As this is Jurassic Park and there are Dinosaurs running amuck it makes for a very hazardous environment, there are cases of Wild Growth and Wrath reported regularly, so be prepared!  Because of the nature of Un'Goro and as we all know, the history of the Dinosaurs, sometimes the cosmos reminds us just how fragile life is, even for our beloved giant friends.  So I've included Starfall as a painful, sad reminder of that magical Lost World. 

Also due to the crazy unpredictable and risky nature of Un'Goro and Jurassic Park Hemet, Jungle Hunter will be patrolling the park.  If you encounter him when you need him he can save your hide, if you run into him when you don't need him.. Well he just might shoot you instead!

Of course who would want to visit Jurassic Park and not want to meet the most elusive, giant Dinosaur of them all..?? You can sign up for our Quest Jungle Giants to track down the incredible Barnabus the Stomper!!!


This amazing adventure will ultimately end in your demise almost without fail, but the journey.. 

So, on a dark and stormy night when the moon is shining bright and the rain is pouring down like the oceans themselves have been upturned on the world, when the Innkeeper tells the tale of The Journey to Un'Goro, to a smoky packed house of wet and weary travelers, will you be one of the many listening or will you be one of the few who lived it?

Edit : I have removed 1 Giant Anaconda for another Volcanosaur. It's a better card, a dinosaur instead of a snake and the double adapt is pretty good.

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