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F2P Legend Token Druid 1k Dust!

  • Last updated Apr 24, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Token Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 1000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/20/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Here I was so poor I used razorfen instead of pantry spider ; feelsbadman - no 40 dust

Why did I make this deck : I've always wanted to play a zerg the board, buff the board style, but i didn't have enough dust for the pirate package and the water package (finja) 

Edit * 4/23/17 Questions answered  - Thank you guys for the support, but more importantly, thank you for the constructive criticism. Instead of replying to comments individually I'll do it up here so everyone can see.

1. This Deck needs refining. It doesn't feel very smooth to play

a. This is a budget deck. Using this deck to play in the competitive deck is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. You can still win, but it will require skill and finesse. However, If you do have the premium cards like Patches, Finga, Bittertide, And Living Mana use them.

2. I get S*** on my board clears

a. Aggro getting beat my board clears is common. Think of the meta as rock, paper scissors. Aggro beats decks trying to combo (quest rogue). Control Beats aggro. Combo beats control. It's not my fault rock loses to paper. Switch to scissors.

i. I know, I know most of us here don't have dust to just switch around decks and constantly counter the meta, so i'll give some tips on playing around board swipes.


Playing Around Board Clears!  - Ask yourself this question

a. Do I have the luxury of playing around his board swipe.

i - If Yes - Okay then I will hold my cards back and play them after he clears

ii - If No - It's getting late game and I have savage roar lethal next turn. I'll commit and pray he doesn't draw a board swipe.

Guessing When Your Opponent Has a Board Clear  - Ask yourself - If I had the chance to clear this board would I? If you think your opponent would by all means clear the board if he had the power to do so, but he doesn't anyways. Well your opponent isn't retarded he would have cleared it if he could, that means he probably doesn't have it and you can commit.                                                                                                                                       * Disclaimer for crybabies - Even if you guess it perfectly, your opponent can still top deck, don't go running to me saying I didn't teach you how to play around RNG. XD

Mulligan ( credits ) : disguisedtoast.com

  • Enchanted Raven
  • Fire Fly
  • Argent Squire
  • Innervate (if have ramp plan)
  • Tortollan Forager (if have one drop)
  • Ravasaur Runt (if have one drop)


 Card Explanations: 

2x Innervate - Ideally you want to use this to get 2 or 3 minions on the board and buff them really quick during the early game. If you draw this late use it to get a hero power in because besides that there is no use for it late game. Ex: its turn 7 you play poor man's bittertide and 2 drop with Innervate in hand, use innervate to get a hero power in because with the nature of your deck you will never have a chance to use it again.

2x Argent Squire - sticky - gets buffed later

2x Firefly - two 1 drops for the price of one

Extra Tip: ~ Thinking Phase ~ * you have argent squire and firefly in hand and only have enough mana to play one. Play Argent Squire. Basic rule of thumb here is play your stickier minions first. Argent squire has divine shield so it is more likely it will live another turn to get buffed.

2x Mark of Lotus - Buffs your tokens 

2x Enchanted Raven - sticky

2x Golakka - beats pirate warrior and pirate packages

2x Ravasaur Runt - ez adapt ; tip: don't hesitate playing it raw for tempo

2x Forager - We are not running murlocs ; meh replacement for bluegil

2x Mark of Y'Shaarj - Lots of beasts ; don't hesitate using on argent squire for tempo

2x  Power of the wild - if 3 minions always +1+1, if 2 or less consider panther for tempo or holding for a more powerful buff

2x Pantry - Beast synergy with mark of y'shaarj and you get 2 bodies to buff

2x Eggnapper - Helps zerg and drops raptors for beast synergy

2x Savage roar - Must include for token druid - easy way to calculate lethal add up the attack power on your board, then multiply the number of hits you have including your hero attacking x 2

2x Swipe - Because swipe

2x Frostwolf - Poor mans bittertide, think about it the average 5 drop is worth 5/6 of stats, considering you are constantly zerging the board you will usually have 3 minions by turn 5 and play this as a 5 mana 7/7 that doesn't overload ( shaman reference )

 Edit 4/24/17 - ~The Legend Pace~  

How I personally grind to legend - 

If you have never hit legend before, man let me tell you it is a grind. When I ask some of my friends why they sit at rank 5 instead of pushing for legend it's because it is to boring they say. Starting at rank 5 people start actually thinking before they play cards so it can feel like ResidentSleeper when you are playing against someone who always ropes. How do I get through it? I watch anime while my opponent takes his turn, do my trades, drag to the face then go back to watching anime. 

TL;DR section if you don't give a hoot about my personal stuff

Get to rank 5 by the middle of the month. Use the rest of the time to grind to legend. Rank 5 to legend takes just as long as 25 to 5. You have to win 25 more games against the best players to go from 5 -> Legend because there is no win bonus stars.


 How to play around every match up in 3 words

I will do an indepth guide if this guide gets more upvotes, but it's 9 PM and I'm trying to study for AP exams. However, I'm so overjoyed that my guide got a 100 upvotes, so here is a mini- guide.


Druid (mirror) - Control The Board           ///   Jade - Hit The Face


Hunter - Control The Board


Mage - Pop Ice Block


Paladin - Play Around Consecrate    *** If you have dust invest in hungry crab


Priest - Rush His Ass                          *** Turn 5-6 you start getting Dragon Pot


Rogue - Win Before Quest


Shaman - Kill Spellpower Totem


Warlock - If Zoo - Control The Board 


Warrior - Pirate - Praise Golakka Crawler // Taunt - Go All In


SUMMARY Basically, In aggro v aggro, control the board and you are good. In aggro v combo ie; jade or rogue, it's heavily favored so go aggressive, but don't stupid all in. In aggro v control you are heavily unfavored. I would suggest going all in because think about it this way. You want to play towards the world where you win the game. In the world where he has brawl you lost. However, in the parallel universe where he does not have brawl, you win. Play towards that. Granted, even while playing smart against control, it is simply an unfavored match up. Losing to control does not mean you are a bad player. Just keep switching decks to counter the meta. If this is your only deck and a lot of taunt warriors are qued up. Well I suggest that you take an F'ing break unless you want to derank.


Aggro V Aggro - Whoever controls the board wins 50/50%

Aggro V Combo - You win 80/20%

Aggro V Control - You lose 20/80% - If they get bad hand I try to make miracles happen, but if taunt warrior has a nutty War Axe into taunt i just concede and try to look for favorable games.




Conclusion - Token druid is a top tier deck that farms on Rogue, and it can most certainly get you to legend. If you have the pirate package take out 2 foragers and a pantry spider. Also if you have Bittertide  Hydra play it instead of Poor man's Bitter tide because although it has that 3 damage drawback it is more consistent. I would like to add that I reached legend with a slighter more expensive version of this deck. I used actual bitter tide Hydras. But - Hope to all of you guys - I did not use the pirate package or the water package. So F2P route is totally possible !

Extra Tip - Strike when the time is right. By this I mean don't que up when there are a lot of taunt warriors roaming around you will get your ass handed to you. If you are serious about getting legend you should play the decks that have a higher win ratio against what people are spamming at the moment. On my final stretch to legend I played this deck when people were spamming rogue and I managed to get in. Good Luck on the grind!

 If I had all the dust in the world what would this deck look like? 

I accredit myself for this f2p Token Druid. But the OG token druid played by the pros, all the glory goes to them. I'd probably just netdeck a pro player's token druid.

ie;https://twitter.com/LG_Fr0zen/status/856154233586036736                                                ( psst Fr0zen got to rank1 with this list)

Follow my twitter too - Some weeaboo hearthstone kid, You can be one of my day ones when I make it big in the hearthstone collegiate league




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