Miracle Rogue


The way this deck functions is by using a term called cycling cards. Cycling is when you play a card and when you played the card it drew you another card, thus not losing value. So While you draw out your deck you must do all of this onto Gadgetzan Auctioneer to cycle. The original deck is very old and has been nerfed a lot. I am glad to have the privilege of taking ownership of the old deck post and updating it to the standard new Miracle Rogue version.

Card Expiation 

Hero Power Dagger Mastery 
There is a lot of division in the community of whether you hit the face with your Wicked Knife or you keep it at 2 durability. Personally I do both, If I have something like an SI:7 Agent in my hand I will not attack because I will probably use it next turn with a back stab for removal. If you have no following play Attack because you will just Hero power next turn. Also keep in mind that deadly poison is great early game removal. 


2x Backstab
Backstab is really great Removal. I mostly try my best to keep it in my hand for Auctioneer combos, against most decks you do want to keep it, but if a knife Juggler comes out or a bigger threat you should use it for sure. Likewise for aggro, you want to keep it in you opening hand and use it to remove 3/2 in the early game.


2x Preparation
This is a very strong card in the deck, the main and only use is turn 5-7 when you have the Auctioneer. You use it to cycle 2 cards(The card itself and the spell you played for 3 less). This will give you a huge advantage because you will still have your full mama to cycle more spells. I wouldn't keep this card in your opening hand.


2x Shadowstep
This card can tend to sit in your hand for a while. The best situation when it can be used is with Leeroy when hitting for lethal. Sometimes I use it when I can not conceal my Auctioneer after a cycle it works well becasue you can play the Auctioneer for 3 mana the following turn and combo even more cards off of it. The last time when Shadowstep is strong is with SI:7 Agent, I only really use it this way against aggro decks it becomes a 1 card 2 damage possible heal for the SI: Agent which is above average.


2x Cold Blood
There is not to much to say about this card, you always want to use it to get Lethal with Leeroy, but personal I like to put it on an Auctioneer if I can conceal it or attack because  it will tend to get the same amount of damage in if not more.


2x Conceal
Conceal is very important to the deck in my opinion. It is the only way you can protect your Auctioneer. That being said the only time you should play it is onto an Auctioneer. I would have to say that getting a whole 6-8 Mana the next turn for spell cycling makes this one of the most important parts of the deck. I would keep it in the opening hand if I have Auctioneer.


2x Deadly Poison 
So I am sure you all know why Deadly Poison is in the deck. It is a staple to all Rogue decks, it can combo is Assassin's Blade for 20 damage over 4 turns. As well as Blade Flurry and using it as removal. You should always keep it on your opening hand, but never play it until you can kill something because you can always get additional value with Edwin, Auctioneer or even have it used on an assassin's Blade.


1x Blade Flurry
While Blade Flurry is very strong I only use one because it can tend to be clunky at 2 mana while that may sound crazy but when you are cycling with Auctioneer it can clog up the mana and sometimes not even have a benefit. You always need to have your weapon a lot of the time to smash through that 10-4 health that will make you unable to hit for lethal with Leeroy. I would keep this agaisnt a minion heavy aggro deck like Warlock not hunter, and only If I have a way of scaling the damage(Deadly poison or Bloodmage Thanlos.


2x Eviscerate 
Eviscerate is one of the best removal in the game, It can kill almost anything 2-4 mana and you can add spell damage or your Hero Power to scale the damage up to kill a yeti for. I will not usually keep this in my opening hand. I only really keep it if I know I am playing against a quick beat down deck.


2x Sap
Sap is really great against beat down decks because you can play 2 mana to make them skip the opponents last turn in the early game(Opponent plays a Yeti, You sap it=Loss of one card gain 3-2 mana over your opponent). While this could be a waste of a card it can provide you will a "Tempo Halt", reffering to the concept of paying a card to skip your opponents last turn. In another sense Sap is great to make way for Leeroy and cycle off of Auctioneer. I would not keep it in the opening hand, maybe if you are scared of Yeti innervate plays you should.


2x Shiv
This is a more interesting card actually, Shiv is mostly used to just thin out your deck. In the beginning of the game you can hit a totem 1-2 cost minion or even Shiv to the face against control because the damage doesn't matter because you want it to cycle. That being said i will always keep this card in my opening hand.


1x Edwin VanCleef
Finally, we take a look at a minion! Edwin is actually very weird, to everyone it screams gimmicky, but actually is not at all. Around turn 4-5 you can get a 6/6 - 10/10 Edwin and while this may seem impossible it is actually the opposite. If you can get him in your opening hand you can create a huge board thread that will end the game in a few turns while you smash your opponents face with this huge minion.


2x Fan of Knives
The way Fan of Knives is used is actually quite similar to Shiv, you can use it to cycle and not get any additional value against control decks, yes, use it on an empty board it is good to cycle through. I would not keep this against a control deck, but against a change hunter or some aggro deck along those lines I would keep it.


2x SI:7 Agent
Hey look! Another minion has decided to show it's ugly face in the card explanation. SI:7 is actually pretty odd it see in all seriousness because the previous Miracle Rogue did not run it, but the card is so strong against any aggro deck it is just a must have. I would only keep this in my opening hand if I have a way to activate the combo and I am playing against an aggro deck.


1x Assassin's Blade
This also another interesting choice for the deck. I like it because it helps me clear the gap of full health to lethal range. It also works very well with Blade Flurry acting as a swipe in a way becasue you can attack with the Weapon then use Blade Flurry doing 6,10 or 14 Target and 3,5 or 7 AoE.


1x Bloodmage Thalnos
Bloodmage is a pretty amazing card for this deck on paper. After you play a lot of games you tend to find that it doesn't effect the control match ups a lot because you rarely need to have spells that scale up. I would not normal keep this card but against aggro I would because it can trade with a card and draw another, maybe even get you some value from a Fan of Knifes.


1x Acolyte of Pain
AoP is pretty great for the deck because it can draw 2 cards a lot of the time and acts as a "Ping" to one health minions like the ones hunters put out. I would keep this if it is an aggro hunter match up because it is so strong.


1x Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy is your main win condition, he is one of the most important cards in the whole deck. He is only really used in combination with Shadowstep and Cold Blood to hit in for 26 damage to close the game. I know this may sound improbable to do this very game but when you draw every card in your deck every game it always happens.


2x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Our good old friend the Auctioneer! This is the most important card in the whole deck with out this the deck will fail completely. You always keep this card in your opening hand! Do your best to always get 2-3 cards of value off of him before you end your turn. You can use Conceal to protect him and use Shadow Step if you have neither Conceal or another Auctioneer in your hand. 

Credit & Information

"First, all credit goes to tttrrraaavvvis for the original deck idea." - Apollo
"I would like to give credit for this version to Kolento, I made changes myself, but he made a lot of the deck" -Flood(Myself)

Also, before you go in the comments and complaining and whining that I "Stole" Kolento's deck, remember that this is just an update to on old deck. I went off of a deck I saw used in ESGN Fight night.