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  • There is a bit of confusion regarding Jaraxxus and Grimoire of Sacrifice on our Reddit boards, but I figured I'd address the question here for visibility's sake.

    Jaraxxus, as a Hero, is still a Demon and can be killed with Grimoire of Sacrifice.
    Jaraxxus, as a Minion, is still a Demon and can be killed with Grimoire of Sacrifice.
  • Hello there, I got a few questions that I was so far unable to find an aswer for.

    If an intact Raging Worgen atacks a 1/1 minion, can he attack once again right away ? Or does he have to wait until next turn to bennefit from Windfury ?

    Yes - if your Raging Worgen attacks a 1/1 minion, he can attack again right away since that will trigger his Windfury.

  • 06/21/2013 04:27 AMPosted by Mockatee
    If I return a healing stream totem to my hand with a brewmaster, and then use my hero power to summon a new totem, is healing totem excluded from the possible outcomes or not?

    No, it won't be excluded. It will be if it is in play.

    If I Vaporize a minion, does it still get to deal damage?

    No, it will die before the damage is dealt.

    If i play Ancestral Spirit on Cairne Bloodhuf and he dies, did i get Bain Bloodhuf and Cairne Bloodhuf WITH his normal Deathreattle effect?

    Yes, you will get Cairne back with his Deathrattle effect and a Baine as well.

  • A.) With cards like Ice Barrier, "Secret: As soon as your hero is attacked, gain 8 Armor." spellpower will affect this (being a secret card) so am I correct in expecting it to increase the armor value?

    No, Spellpower does not affect armor gained. Healing is also not affected by Spellpower.

    What is the order in which card effects go when more then one card has "do X at the end of your turn"?

    Timing for minions that trigger at the end of a turn are based on when they were played. Whichever minion came into play first triggers first.

    If I have a spellbender in play and my opponent uses power owerwhelming on his minion does a 1/3 become the target of the spell and die at the end of my opponents turn or die at the end of my turn?

    The Spellbender triggers and becomes the new target for the Power Overwhelming. The spell just requires a friendly minion for the original target. Since it's still a spell that targets a minion, the Spellbender will be activated.

    What happens when the new freezing trap triggers on a 9 cost minion like alexstrasza would it be 11 cost and be unplayable forever?

    Yes, her cost would become 11. You would need something that would lower her cost to something that is a playable number. Freezing a big dragon makes an equally big glacier.

    If I Counterspell a card, does it still trigger cards which have a "when you play/summon a card" trigger, like Illidan Stormrage?

    Counterspell only counters spells played by your opponent. Minions, hero powers, and minion abilities (including Battlecry effect) are unaffected by Counterspell.

    What is the order of execution of secrets?

    Similar to end of turn effects, Secrets will resolve in the order they were played if they have the same condition for their activation.

  • I believe you misunderstood the question. Here is an example scenario:

    I have Illidan Stormrage in play and I cast an ability. My opponent's Counterspell triggers and "counters" my ability.

    When this "counter" effect occurs, will Illidan Stormrage proc or will I not gain a Flame of Azzinoth because the spell was not cast?

    Ah! Yes, Illidan Stormrage will still proc if a spell is countered by Counterspell.
  • Question: does the game consider The Coin a spell for the purposes of Counterspell, Violet Teacher, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Archmage Antonidas, etc?

    We've seen it labeled as a "Spell" in-hand in the most recent video, but I think it's still worth asking about because those may be considered too many synergies for the 2nd player balance effect.

    The Coin is considered a spell, yes. It can be Counterspelled, and will proc minions like Gadgetzan Auctioneer.
  • Phenteo,

    If I get invited to the Beta test, I want to stream Hearthstone on my nightly Twitch stream.


    Will there be an NDA in effect that would prevent me from doing that during Beta?

    If you are invited to the closed beta, feel free to stream Hearthstone as much as you like! You won't be under an NDA. I look forward to watching your stream. :)
  • I have a few questions I've been meaning to ask:

    Will my healing spells affected by Auchenai Soulpriest benefit from spellpower?

    They sure do. Once the Auchenai Soulpriest is in play, healing spells become damage spells and are now affected by Spell Power.

    If I Shadow Madness a deathrattle minion and smash it to it's death, whose benefit does the deathrattle effect trigger?

    Deathrattle triggers for the player controlling the card at the time it triggers.

    Can I copy the same card twice with the same Thoughtsteal?

    Thoughtsteal reads: “Copy 2 cards from your opponent’s deck and put them into your hand.” They will need to be 2 separate cards. However, if your opponent has 2 copies of a card in their deck, it is possible to copy each one giving you 2 of the same card.

    If a windfury minion take retaliation from Water Elemental on his first attack is it frozen before it can attack again and is it still frozen his next turn?

    The ability of Water Elemental takes effect immediately when damage is done. The Windfury minion would be frozen and unable to attack an additional time. The freeze effect only lasts until the end of the turn.

    If a Mana Addict is the target of a friendly Crazed Alchemist after being buffed by spells is the increased health perminant?

    Yes it is. Crazed Alchemist takes effect on whatever a minions stats are when it is played. Once swapped, the effect is permanent.

    Does silence remove Ancestral Spirit?

    Yup. Silence removes all abilities on the target. Keep in mind, if a minion is resurrected by Ancestral Spirit, it is no longer affected by the card. So Silencing would not destroy a minion brought back by Ancestral Spirit.

    What order does Vanish make minions return to hand (in case there isn't enough room and some will be discarded)?

    Minions will return to a players hand based on the order they were played. The oldest minion on the battlefield will be returned first and so on. If a player’s hand is full, any additional minions will be destroyed.

    Do minions keep their buff when they return to hand? (e.g.: Divine Spirit)

    No. Minions returned to a player's hand no longer retain any buffs or damage. Returning a minion to a player's hand works like a reset button for that minion.

    When I buff a Sen'jin Shieldmasta that has taken 1 dmg with Divine Spirit does he become a minion with 10 maximum health with 2 dmg taken (8 current health) or 8 maximum health?

    Divine Spirit will double the current health of the minion, but not the damage. The damage will remain the same. Using your example here, If the Sen’jin Shieldmasta has 1 damage applied when his health is doubled, he would become a 3/8 with 1 damage dealt. So total health would be 9.

    Does a Counterspelled spell still trigger overload or count towards rogue combo?

    Combo and Overload take effect under different conditions. Combo is based on a condition being met. So even if the card is countered, you still played it. So Combo will still be triggered. Overload acts as part of the effect of the card not an additional cost to play the card. “An effect happens, Overload 2”. So if the card is countered, Overload will NOT come into effect.

    Does shaman heropower totems spawn in a fixed location outside our control (e.g. the far right of the board)?

    The Shaman Hero Power totem will spawn to the right of your minions on the board. Players are not able to control where a Shaman's Hero Power totem will spawn into play.

    If a minion with buffed health takes it's original life in damage first and then gets silenced, does it die from silence?

    Buffed minions affected by Silence turn into a vanilla version of themselves. Say you have a Wisp affected by Blessing of Kings, so his stats are 5 attack and 5 health. If you deal any amount of damage to this minion, then Silence it, it will return to its original 1 attack, 1 health form.

    If Spellbender triggers on Execute what happens, since the Spellbender wasn't damaged?

    Execute will resolve as it was originally intended and destroy the Spellbender.

    If Spellbender triggers on Power Overwhelming, when does it die?

    Power Overwhelming resolves exactly as it would normally and the minion is destroyed at the end of the turn of the player that played it.

  • She already answered part of this with the Rockbiter example. Rockbiter is a one turn temporary buff. Once the Alchemist's ability swaps a minion's health it become permanent until silenced.

    Temporary Buffs become Permanent with the Crazed Alchemist.

    This is correct.
  • 07/17/2013 06:51 PMPosted by Sisk
    Buffed minions affected by Silence turn into a vanilla version of themselves. Say you have a Wisp affected by Blessing of Kings, so his stats are 5 attack and 5 health. If you deal any amount of damage to this minion, then Silence it, it will return to its original 1 attack, 1 health form.

    Wait so the damage was also removed and it returned to a 1/1 or the buff was removed making it 1/1 and then it died from the damage on it?

    Everything is removed, returning it to a 1/1. It does not die. If a stat buff is being removed, it'll remove the instances of damage. Consider it like a reset on the minion's stats. Silencing a minions with no stat modifications will do nothing - the damage will remain.