Masters Tour: Los Angeles - Results & Decklists

The 2020 eSports season continued this past weekend with Masters Tour: Los Angeles. The event was originally scheduled to take place in Bali, Indonesia and was eventually moved to Los Angeles. From there the decision was made to hold the event completely online due to ongoing concerns surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak.

Top 8 matches from the final day were shown on YouTube and can be found below. The bracket portion of the tournament was filled with recognizable names including last year's World Champion: VKLiooon and Master's Tour Arlington winner: xBlyzes.

Top 8 VOD



Nalguidan 1
TNCAnswer 3
Casie 3
Liooon 1
TNCAnswer 3
Casie 1


Thijs 1
Bankyugi 3
xBlyzes 3
NoHandsGamer 2
Bankyugi 0
xBlyzes 3



TNCAnswer 2
xBlyzes 3


xBlyzes' Masters Tour: Los Angeles Decks

TNCAnswer's Masters Tour: Los Angeles Decks

Casie's Masters Tour: Los Angeles Decks

Bankyugi's Masters Tour: Los Angeles Decks

What's Next?

The 2020 Season of Grandmasters will be in April. 48 of your favorite players will battle it out weekly in an effort to earn their spot at the Global Finals. The next Masters Tour event will be held June 12-14 and is currently scheduled to take place in Jönköping, Sweden at the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre.


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