New Ranked Season - April 2023 & Card Back

The first day of the new month, and a new Season! This is the 109th Ranked Season, and no, we are not joking! Last season we spoke about expansion announcement being close and here we are just 10 days away from its launch!

Laddering will be a question of tastes this month, do you push through to Legend from day 1, and then lounge there when the expansion launches, or do you wait with your push till the new expansion is out, to climb a ladder with fresh new decks and an unexplored Meta game? Decisions, decisions! Good luck with your choice on and see you on ladder!


A new month also means we all received our ranked rewards from last month. And they are all packs for the new expansion, so hopefully you will open something cool in 10 days!

We'll leave you with the Tranquility Cardback reward for the April 2023 season. You will need 5 ranked ladder wins in April 2023 to get it. "Tranquility: Reflect upon this pool, and your victories may also blossom."

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The Card Backs of Hearthstone

Learn more and see all the Card Backs in our dedicated guide.

Card List - Click Me!


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