Hero Immune Changing in 26.0 - Health Cost Will Actually Cost Health

In a landmark change of philosophy, Blizzard announced tonight that cards that make your Hero Immune will no longer prevent health loss from cards that cost health instead of mana. Read the full tweet, as well as some further answers below.

Quote from Blizzard

In 26.0, we are changing how hero-Immune works with cards that cost Health instead of Mana:

Your hero's Health will still be spent when playing a Health-cost card even if your hero has Immune (or Divine Shield). This also no longer counts as "taking damage" for other effects.

Does this mean lifetap will still deal damage with void virtuoso?

Quote from Blizzard

Life Tap does not cost Health instead of Mana, its dealing damage to your hero through card text

Does that mean you could die while immune? Just want to make sure I understand? Ie if I played imp and did 3 to myself id take 3 and die even if I was immune.

Quote from Blizzard

if youre talking about Flame Imp or Baritone Imp, those are unrelated. this is ONLY for cards who have a Health cost instead of a Mana Cost and you still wont be allowed to play a card you dont have enough Health for, like how you cant play a card you dont have enough Mana for

I assume this will be the same for Anubrekhan?

Quote from Blizzard

yup, similar logic should be applied to Armor instead of Mana

Do these changes apply to Battlegrounds Game Mode?

Quote from Blizzard

Clarification: This change should not apply to BGs.


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