Patch 25.6 Unannounced Changes & Data Mining

In this article, we'll try to point out as many unannounced things as we can find that got introduced in this patch. Let's get into it!

Other changes

In this part, you can see all the changes that were made to any cards, skins, heroes, etc, but aren't gameplay oriented...

Quote from HearthPwn
 [Artist added] Annhylde, Deathcaller → Eva Widermann
 [Artist added] Scourgeslayer Vashj → Forrest Imel
 [Artist added] Spirit Bru'kan → Grafit
 [Artist added] Ebon Assassin Garona → Rafael Zanchetin
 [Artist added] Edwin the Renegade → Caroline Gariba
 [Artist added] Fallen Yrel → Caroline Gariba
 [Artist added] Deathkeeper Alleria → Kevin Sidharta
 [Artist added] Huln Highmountain → Grafit
 [Artist added] Hamuul Runeblade → Kevin Sidharta
 [Artist added] Dreamgrove Lunara → Grafit
 [Artist added] Dreadsteed Tamsin → Arthur Gimaldinov
 [Artist added] Runemage Khadgar → Kevin Sidharta
 [Artist added] Champion Tyrande → Sora Kim
 [Artist added] Sally Whitemane → Valeria Styajkina
 [Artist added] Aranna the Runeseeker → Valeria Styajkina
 [Artist added] Omen → Arthur Gimaldinov
 [Artist added] Rustlin' Rokara → Kevin Sidharta
 [Artist added] M.V.P. Nguyen → Kevin Sidharta
 [Artist added] Brawlin' Brann → Ivan Fomin
 [Artist added] Coach Eudora → Grace Liu
 [Artist added] Lady Deathwhisper → Mooncolony
 [Battlegrounds Hero added] Rock Master Voone → A new Battlegrounds Hero added into the game, but hidden for now
 [How to earn in Golden added] E.T.C., Band Manager → Earnable after purchasing the Festival of Legends Tavern Pass.
 [How to earn added] The Sunwell → Earnable after opening a March of the Lich King card pack.

Voice lines

In this part, you're able to see all the new voice lines and if there are any, also the changed ones


Lite Skin = no animations, only basic voice lines
Lite w/ Full VO = has no animations, might have a Hero Tray or not, and has completely new voice lines
Full Skin = has animations (Hero Power, Enterance), a Hero Tray, and completely new voice lines
Legendary Skin = has animations (not for Hero Power), completely new voice lines, and a 3D animated portrait

Quote from HearthPwn
Flowerchild Lunara (Lite Druid skin)
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Attack_01 Flower power!
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Greetings_01 The rhythm greets you.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 It flows through us all.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 May it never end.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Oops_01 That was heavy.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Picked_01 Be one with the music of the wild.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Start_01 A new song begins!
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Thanks_01 Thank you, friend.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Threaten_01 You should mellow out.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Well_Played_01 You are truly a free spirit.
VO_HERO_06ad_Female_Dryad_Emote_Wow_01 Absolutely mindblowing!

Mixqueen Azshara (Lite Mage skin)
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Attack_01 Drown in the sound!
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Greetings_01 Behold, the Queen of Rhythm!
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 Our audience awaits.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 Each song builds like a strong wave.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Oops_01 Skip over that.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Picked_01 I rule the ocean floor—and the dance floor.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Start_01 My music will wash over you.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Thanks_01 You are a loyal fan.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Threaten_01 Your heart stops when the beat drops.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Well_Played_01 You have skill of your own.
VO_HERO_08ai_Female_Naga_Emote_Wow_01 A spectacular sound.

Hedanis (Full Priest skin)
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Attack_01 Time for applause!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Concede_01 You win. Get me out of here!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_FULL_MINIONS_01 The board is full.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_GENERIC_01 Hmm... no.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_HAND_FULL_01 I can hold no more.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_I_ATTACKED_01 I simply cannot attack again.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_MINION_ATTACKED_01 That minion attacked before.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_NEED_MANA_01 I do not have enough mana.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_NEED_WEAPON_01 I need a weapon for that.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_PLAY_01 I cannot play that.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_STEALTH_01 It hides? From me!?
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_SUMMON_SICKNESS_01 It needs time to rehearse.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_TARGET_01 It is beyond my reach.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_ERROR_TAUNT_01 Something dares to taunt me?
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_FIRE_FESTIVAL_01 Have a beautiful Midsummer!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Greetings_01 Hello! Before you ask… it is really me!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_HAPPY_HALLOWEEN_01 And to all my fans, happy Hallow's End!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_HAPPY_HOLIDAYS_01 Are you excited for my Winter Veil solo album?
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_01 Happy New Year from the Boys in Bloom!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_LUNAR_01 Happy New Year from the Boys in Bloom!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_HAPPY_NOBLEGARDEN_01 Why yes, I am the guest of honor this Noblegarden.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_LowCards_01 Ugh, I am running out of cards.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 I find that hard to believe.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 The only thing you are stealing is my act.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_NoCards_01 No more cards!? How terrible!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Oops_01 …is that supposed to be my problem?
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Picked_01 Please, calm down! You will all get autographs.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_PIRATE_DAY_01 Yar-harr... ya have my hearrrrt.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Sorry_01 So sorry. My mistake.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Start_01 Time to steal some hearts.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Start_ETC_01 A true icon has come to hear me perform!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Start_Halveria_01 Still writing those dreadful dirges, Halveria?
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Start_Inzah_01 Apologies, I am unfamiliar with your work.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Start_MCBlingtron_01 Security!? There is a robot in my dressing room!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Thanks_01 You are too kind!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Thinking_02_01 Oh, interesting.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Thinking_03_01 Hmm choices, choices...
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Threaten_01 You are standing in my light.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Time_01 This track is almost over.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_AmuletofUndying_01 Love never dies.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_FightOverMe_01 Oh no, please, stop.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_IdolofYshaarj_01 Oh, that kind of idol!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_LoveEverlasting_01 Sweet dreams are made of me.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_MassHysteria_01 Never underestimate a crowd of devoted fans.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_Mindgames_01 Me, play with your heart? I would never!
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_TRIGGER_Silence_01 Turn the volume down.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_Well_Played_01 I guess you have some talent.
VO_HERO_09ab_Male_VoidElf_Emote_WOW_01 What a show!

Center Stage Valeera (Lite Rogue skin)
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Picked_01 My fans… they worship me!
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Start_01 Roll out the red carpet.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 You know how to make an entrance.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Greetings_01 Hello. Need an autograph?
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 No, do you?
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Attack_01 Back off.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Threaten_01 You can't compete with my talent.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Oops_01 None of the fans will notice.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Wow_01 Iconic.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Thanks_01 You deserve credit for that.
VO_HERO_03aa_Female_BloodElf_Emote_Well_Played_01 You have great potential.

Inzah (Full Shaman skin)
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_WOW_01 Mmm-mmm! Love to hear it.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Well_Played_01 You're a cool cat.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_WitchsBrew_01 That soothes the soul.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_PrimordialWave_01 Let it all wash over you.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_PackTheHouse_01 Look, the band's all here!
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_InfinityGroove_01 Ooh, put that one on repeat.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_Earthquake_01 Time to shake it up.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_TRIGGER_ChillVibes_01 I needed to cool off.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Time_01 Not the time to take your time.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Threaten_01 Not a lot of harmony between us right now.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Thinking_03_01 Don't think, just play!
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Thinking_02_01 Huh, that could work.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Thinking_01_01 Interesting...
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Thanks_01 Thanks. You're alright.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Start_MCBlingtron_01 Love how you're mixing those tunes, Bling.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Start_Hedanis_01 Say, you're one of those Boys in Bloom.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Start_Halveria_01 Follow the flow to feel your emotions.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Start_ETC_01 Well, if it isn't the chieftain himself!
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Start_01 This is a performance you'll never forget.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Sorry_01 Sorry if I was a bit… sharp.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_PIRATE_DAY_01 Ahoy! You sure are a savvy sailor!
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Picked_01 Sit up, get down… let the music guide you.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Oops_01 No mistakes, just music.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_NoCards_01 Deck's all gone now.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 A double act? Let's call the whole thing off.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 Same as you. Gotta follow the muse.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_LowCards_01 I'm a few cards short of an empty deck.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_HAPPY_NOBLEGARDEN_01 Lookit those funny bunnies. Noblegarden's just fine.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_LUNAR_01 Happy New Year to you.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_01 Happy New Year to you.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_HAPPY_HOLIDAYS_01 Have yourself a lovely Winter Veil.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_HAPPY_HALLOWEEN_01 Happy Hallow's End, friend.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Greetings_01 So, what brings you here?
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_FIRE_FESTIVAL_01 Listen to those fireworks. What natural percussion!
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_TAUNT_01 Gotta take care of another one first.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_TARGET_01 That one's not an option.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_SUMMON_SICKNESS_01 Give it time to get used to the stage.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_STEALTH_01 Nah, can't target stealth minions.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_PLAY_01 Can't play that.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_NEED_WEAPON_01 Hmm, missing the right instrument.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_NEED_MANA_01 Short on mana.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_MINION_ATTACKED_01 Already attacked, I'm afraid.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_I_ATTACKED_01 I can't attack again.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_HAND_FULL_01 My hand's full up.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_GENERIC_01 Can't be done.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_ERROR_FULL_MINIONS_01 No more room out there.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Concede_01 That's enough. Stage is yours.
VO_HERO_02ag_Male_Vulpera_Emote_Attack_01 Improvise!

Rocker Rokara (Lite Warrior skin)
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Attack_01 Feel the noise!
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Greetings_01 Are you holding out for a hero?
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01 The search is over.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_MIRROR_START_01 Woo! That's the spirit!
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Oops_01 Just play it cool.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Picked_01 Nobody can slow me down.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Start_01 I'm not too young to rock!
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Thanks_01 Thanks! We should jam sometime.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Threaten_01 Go ahead, hit me with your best shot.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Well_Played_01 You really can rock all night.
VO_HERO_01ab_Female_Orc_Emote_Wow_01 That's radical!


Quote from HearthPwn


GLOBAL_CARD_SET_ETC Festival of Legends
GLOBAL_CARD_SET_ETC_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES etc This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored.
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_BACON_BUY_BUDDY_TEXT Win/Tie - Costs (3) less Loss - Costs (2) less
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_BACON_BUY_BUDDY_2_TEXT Win/Tie - Costs (3) less Loss - Costs (2) less
GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1_CLASSIC You've been challenged to a Classic game by:
GLUE_ETC_BAND_FULL Your band is full. Remove a card first.
GLUE_ETC_FTUE_QUOTE Choose up to 3 cards to join my band. Click The Band button to get started!
GLUE_ETC_FTUE_SIDEBOARD This card has a "sideboard"


 GLOBAL_KEYWORD_IMMUNE_TEXT Can't be targeted by enemies or damaged.


GLUE_COLLECTION_INCOMPLETE_SIDEBOARD_DESCRIPTION This deck has an incomplete sideboard. Are you sure you want to finish editing?
GLUE_COLLECTION_EMPTY_SIDEBOARD_DESCRIPTION Cards from your collection can be added to this sideboard.
GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_INVALID_SIDEBOARD_POPUP_TEXT You have |4(an invalid card,invalid cards) in your sideboard. Do you want to edit your deck?
GLUE_COLLECTION_DISABLED_NOTICE You cannot do that at this time.
GLUE_TIP_BACON_24 The higher a Buddy's Tier, the more Gold it costs to get.


 GLUE_TIP_BACON_21 During combat, the player with more minions is the first to attack. If both players have the same amount, the first attacker is random.
 GLUE_TIP_BACON_21 In combat, the player with more minions is first to attack. If it's a tie, the first attacker is random.

 GLUE_TIP_BACON_22 Heroes can take at most 15 damage at once until a Hero has died AND players have reached 10 Gold. Check for the blue glow on the scoreboard!
 GLUE_TIP_BACON_22 Players can take at most 15 damage at once until a Hero has died AND players have reached 10 Gold.

 GLUE_GENERIC_RANDOM_CARD_SCROLL_TITLE It's a Legendary Card! This is meant to replace the above welcome bundle strings until we have the tech to show custom strings per reward.

 GLUE_PROGRESSION_EVENT_TAB_COMPLETED You have completed all available Event Quests for this event!
 GLUE_PROGRESSION_EVENT_TAB_COMPLETED You have earned all available rewards for this event!

Mission Audio

VO_HERO_01ac_Male_Tauren_Event_Start The show's about to begin. Make some noise for your favorite act!
VO_HERO_01ac_Male_Tauren_Event_End WHOOOO! What a performance. I'll have to get an autograph next time.

New Hero Skins

In almost every major patch we see new skins, so let's take a look at them and their textures, including their in-game artwork.

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

Flowerchild Lunara

Mixqueen Azshara


Center Stage Valeera


Rocker Rokara

New Card Backs

Let's take a look at new card back(s), shall we?

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

Acquired from Inzah purchase

Pre-purchase of Festival of Legends

The Card Backs of Hearthstone

Learn more and see all the Card Backs in our dedicated guide.

Card List - Click Me!

New Textures & Art

We're only going to show examples that can be somehow useful or interesting.

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

Battlegrounds Art

In this part, we'll show you all the in-game textures and artworks connected to battlegrounds (that might be at least a little bit interesting) - if you want to see the art for the new Battlegrounds skins, Click HERE

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

Friend list updated

This change was announced in the patch notes, but for those who have no idea what is going on in their friend list, Team 5 redesigned some of the icons as well as adjusted certain colors.

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

That's it for this patch, this time we improved how we show the textures and art, please let us know if you like it or if you have any ideas if we could improve anything!


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