25.6.1 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Armor Changes & Bug Fixes

Blizzard just posted some Patch Notes for Battlegrounds, mostly related to Armor changes. Read all about it below!

Quote from Blizzard

Patch 25.6.1 is a server-side hotfix patch now live in all regions. It includes the following game updates:

Battlegrounds Updates

The following heroes were adjusted to have more Armor:

  • Aranna Starseeker now has 20 Armor.
  • Captain Hooktusk now has 14 Armor.
  • Drek’Thar now has 17 Armor.
  • Enhance-o Mechano now has 18 Armor.
  • Galakrond now has 18 Armor.
  • Galewing now has 12 Armor.
  • Illidan Stormrage now has 18 Armor.
  • Kurtrus Ashfallen now has 18 Armor.
  • Queen Wagtoggle now has 15 Armor.
  • Sneed now has 20 Armor.

The following heroes were adjusted to have less Armor:

  • Cariel Roame now has 10 Armor.
  • Dinotamer Brann now has 8 Armor.
  • Guff Runetotem now has 8 Armor.
  • Infinite Toki now has 8 Armor.
  • Lich Baz’hial now has 10 Armor.
  • Lord Jaraxxus now has 8 Armor.
  • Malygos now has 8 Armor.
  • Mr. Biggleworth now has 11 Armor.
  • Scabbs Cutterbutter now has 5 Armor.
  • Shudderwock now has 10 Armor.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner now has 10 Armor.
  • Varden Dawngrasp now has 9 Armor.

Bug Fixes

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Sly Raptor’s Deathrattle minion was not buffed by Mama Bear.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Golden Freedealing Gambler sold for 3 Gold instead of 6.

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