25.4 Known Issues - Test Subject Banned from Wild - Various Art and Animation Issues & More

25.4 Known Issues - Test Subject Banned from Wild - Various Art and Animation Issues & More

The usual Known Issues Post for Patch 25.4 with various bugs and issues. Read them below!

Quote from Blizzard

Hello all,

Patch 25.4 launches today, bringing the Return to Naxxramas Mini-Set, the Mercenaries Mythic Boss Rush, and more! Follow this post for details on known issues being tracked with this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • Test Subject is temporarily banned due to an unintended interaction in Wild. The card will be un-banned when an adjustment is made.
  • Diamond Zephrys can be found in-game, but the card is not ready yet and is not available.
  • From De Other Side’s art is not showing correctly.
  • In Mercenaries, Old God corruption has reached their Diamond animations, which now aren’t displaying properly.
  • [Resolved 2/14] In Mercenaries, the team is aware that a non-Mercenary card back is appearing in Mercenaries Packs. This is not intended. Mercenaries pack opening has been re-enable. The issue with the packs has been resolved. Affected players will receive compensation at a later time.
  • [Added 2/14] We are tracking reports of a bug with the Blazing Transmutation card pool.
  • [Added 2/14] The team is investigating reports of players replaying the Hearthstone tutorial and then being able to progress quests and certain other progression after that.

Additionally, some players are unable to access the Shop. We have identified the issue and working on a solution. Until then, your reports have identified a workaround for PC:

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.


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