25.2 Known Issues - Bugs: Minion Stat Swaps - Hero Power Upgrades Blocked - Arfus Achievement

25.2 Known Issues - Bugs: Minion Stat Swaps - Hero Power Upgrades Blocked - Arfus Achievement

The Known Issues blog post is up for Patch 25.2 and it has several big and small issues listed that are under investigation, or sometimes already fixed!

Quote from Blizzard

Patch 25.2 is now available, bringing with it the new Battlegrounds Season 3! We’ll be using this post to track issues that pop up during the 25.2 patch period.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • Hearthstone: Magister's Apprentice had its stats unintentionally swapped. The team is tracking reports of other cards having unintended adjustments as well.
  • Hearthstone: The new Omen Demon Hunter hero skin unintentionally blocks getting an upgraded Hero Power.
  • Battlegrounds: Minions that Baltharak (one of the Mecha-Demons generated by Mecha-Jaraxxus) Magnetizes to lose Reborn when the minion gets tripled.
  • [Resolved 1/17] Battlegrounds: The team is tracking a bug causing server de-syncs (resulting in players seeing different life totals and results from combat).
  • [Resolved 1/17] Battlegrounds: Sin’dorei Straight Shot’s effect is not removing Taunt like it should, only Reborn.
  • Mercenaries/Achievements: There is a Mercenaries achievement for Arfus, but Arfus will not be added to the game until a future patch.


  • Battlegrounds: We have temporarily removed the following Heroes from the Hero Pool while we address a couple unintended interactions: Scabbs Cutterbutter, Tess Greymane, Tamsin Roame, and Illidan Stormrage. We have also temporarily removed Murozond from the Minion Pool at this time.

We will update this post as we get more information to share.



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