Battlegrounds Season 3 Reveals

Battlegrounds Season 3 Reveals

This post will hold all Battlegrounds Reveals coming out for Season 3! Come and join the fun!

Rdu Reveal - Undead Minions

Kripparrian - Hero Reveal: Putricide

Putricide Hero Power Quick Facts

  • Costs 4 for every use and has 3 uses.
  • Will work similar to Rexxar Hero card from Knights of the Frozen Throne.
  • You get a Discover of 3 cards from Pool 1 and then another Discover of 3 cards from Pool 2. Both cards stats and effects will be combined into 1 minion you get in your hand.
  • The pool 1 Discovery effects will generally be In Combat effects and the Pool 2 effects will be generally Keywords, In Shop Effects, and Battlecries.
  • The minions will be picked from your Tavern Tier and up to 2 lower.
  • One minion in each Discover will be guaranteed from your Tavern Tier.
  • The Art on the minion will be from the Pool 1 card.
  • No Triples!

Slysssa Reveal: Dual Type Minions

Tesdey Reveal: Other Minions

Found on his Twitch here!

Educated Collins & Shadybunny Reveal: Balance Changes

Interview with Jia and John McIntyre with Balance Changes on their Twitch here.

Removed Cards

These cards, including the whole Pirate Exodia package, are being removed.

Returning Cards

These 2 cards will return to Battlegrounds!

Changed Cards

Titus Rivendare replaces Baron Rivendare and his text change means you can have more than 1 Rivendare and the effect will stack!

Changed Heroes

Malificent Manastorm now reads "Whenever you summon a Mech, give it +2 Attack." Galewing now can no longer choose the same Option from his Hero Power over and over. Jaraxxus now reads "Choose a friendly Demon. It consumes a minion in Bob's Tavern to gain its stats.". Pyramad now reads "Give a minion +1 Health. (Gains +1 Health each turn you don't use this!)"


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