New Card Reveals: Cutpurse & Dreadsteed, Rhonin vs Varian Legendary Card Vote

Update 1:07 PM EDT: Added Dreadsteed! The winner from the latest card reveal vote.

New Card Reveals: Cutpurse & Dreadsteed

A new Rogue card has been revealed via Lovelychook's Stream. Thanks to Yueshen from Team Celestial for the info.

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Card Clarifications

It looks like Astral Communion will be giving you 1 Excess Mana should you already be at 10 Mana. Head on over to our TGT Clarifications thread for more.

Astral Communion

  • You receive 1 Excess Mana if you play this when you're already at 10 Mana. (Source)

New Card Reveal Vote - Rhonin vs Varian Legendary Minions

The next card reveal vote has begun! This time we're choosing between Mage and Warrior Legendary Minions! Who will you be voting for? Go vote for who you want to see revealed over on the voting website. Both will be revealed through tweeting #TGTLegendary.


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