New Card Reveals From Gamescom, New Mechanic: Joust + New Ranked Rewards

Updates - Times in EDT
1:09 PM: Anub'arak and Aviana have arrived!
7:53 AM: All card art has been updated!
4:20 AM: Added pictures of all the cards. Real art will be available when Blizzard provides it.
4:01 AM: Added Master Jouster and Argent Lance!

Anub'arak and Aviana Legendary Reveal

The two legendary minions from the most recent card reveal vote have been revealed!

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New Card Reveals From Gamescom!

Gamescom is here and with that, new card reveals for The Grand Tournament expansion! Thirteen new cards have been revealed so far, including some of Paladin flavor, all of which can be found below.

In these cards, a few have a new non-keyword mechanic Blizzard is calling Joust. It is a mini-duel which requires the player who initiated the Joust to randomly reveal a card from their deck which has a higher mana cost than one which their opponent also randomly reveals. The revealed card will be put back into both player's decks at the end of the Joust.

Special thanks to Damien from @IcyveinsCom for information on the early card reveals.

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New Mechanic: Joust + New Ranked Rewards

We're getting more ranked gameplay rewards!

  • New Mechanic: Joust! More info in a dedicated section below.
  • The highest rank you reach during the current will be displayed on your Quest Log.
  • Getting past rank 20 each season will give you a chest at the end of the season with better rewards the farther you go.
  • The chest's value is determined by the highest rank you earned in that month.
  • Chests contain the monthly ranked card back, in addition to rewards like Arcane Dust and Golden Cards.]
  • Ranked rewards won't improve after rank 5. (Source)

Joust Clarifications

  • The basic rule for Joust is that in order to win the Joust, the initiating player must reveal a higher mana cost minion than the opponent. If this is not achieved, for whatever reason, the initiating player will not win the Joust, and the Joust effect will not be activated. It is not possible to "draw" in a Joust; the initiating player either wins or does not.
    • If the minion is lower cost, or the two are of equal cost, the secondary effect will not activate. (Source)
    • If the initiating player has no minion left to reveal, they will automatically lose the Joust. If neither player has minions left to reveal, the initiating player will lose the Joust. If the opponent has no minion left to reveal, but the initiating player does, the initiating player will win the Joust by default. (Source)
  • Jousting uses the base cost of the minions, regardless of any modifications, such as Molten Giant. (Source)
  • During a Joust, both minions are revealed to both players. (Source)
  • Jousting reveals a minion from each player's unused deck. The minions are selected at random, not by order of placement in the deck.

Official Reveal Post

Quote from Blizzard

It’s been quite the eventful day by the hearth! Earlier, executive producer Hamilton Chu and senior game designer Mike Donais took to the gamescom stage to dive in to more of the exciting features making their way to Hearthstone with the release of The Grand Tournament. Check out what was covered below!


No tournament (especially one as grand as The Grand Tournament) would be complete without the time-honored tradition of jousting! The Grand Tournament brings this exciting test of might to Hearthstone with the addition of a brand-new mechanic—Joust. 

Minions Joust by emerging from their decks, creating a brief contest within a contest wherein players each reveal a minion from their deck. In order to win, the minion who initiated the Joust must reveal a minion with a higher mana cost. The rewards are varied based on the minion starting the Joust, but players will want to emerge victorious from the lists as often as possible! 

Highest Rank Bonus

We love receiving feedback from the Hearthstone community. One thing that we’ve been hearing a fair bit of is that, when playing on the Ranked Play ladder, people often feel hesitant to continue playing after reaching a particularly good rank. It simply feels like too much of a step backwards if they lose a rank or two. Based on that feedback, we’re making a change that we think will help put players’ minds at ease so that they can continue enjoying Ranked Play and pursuing even greater heights.


Beginning this month, each player’s Quest Log will display the highest rank they have reached during the month and recognize their accomplishment. Additionally, we’ll be awarding players who progress past rank 20 with some minor rewards as a way of congratulating them for their achievements. Eligible players will receive a treasure chest at the end of each season containing the season’s Ranked Play card back, one or more golden cards, and some Arcane Dust. What’s in the chest is determined by your highest rank over the course of the season. For example, a player whose highest rank was 17 will receive a golden common card, 20 dust, and the season card back. 


Below is an example of what a player who reaches rank 5 might receive.


Saddle up your steed, sharpen your lance, and prepare for The Grand Tournament, coming later this month! 

Card Clarifications

Some more card clarifications have arrived!


  • Emperor Thaurissan will make Aviana minions cost 0. If Aviana is removed, those minions will go back to their Emperor reduced costs. (Source)

Gormok the Impaler

  • The minions required to activate the battlecry must be on your board. (Source)

Druid of the Saber

  • Both of Druid of the Saber's forms are Beast type minions. (Source)


  • This includes any overkill damage that is dealt. If you Shield Slam it for 30 damage, it deals 30 damage. (Source)

Southsea Deckhand

  • He will not be getting changed to Charrrrrge. (Source)

Next Card Vote - Priest vs Warrior Rare Minions

The next card reveal vote is live on Who are you going to choose - Priest or Warrior?

Yesterday's Card Reveals

Four new cards were revealed yesterday. Check them out below.

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Brave Hunter
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