New Card Reveal: Druid of the Saber, Crowd Favorite, Bash, Brave Archer

Update 2:17 AM EDT: Brave Archer has been revealed by
Update 10:20 PM EDT: New Warrior card Bash via a Chinese Hearthstone video creator's Weibo. Zeriyah has confirmed the name and legitimacy.
Update 4:30 PM EDT: Added info on Blizzard's quarterly earnings call. Not much about Hearthstone was said.
Update 1:10 PM EDT: New card! Crowd Favorite.
Update 12:17 PM EDT: Looks like Druid of the Saber was an accurate initial translation.
Update 12:00 PM EDT: We've changed Druid of the Saber to Druid of the Scythe since it is lore accurate. Still waiting on official translation.

New Card Reveal: Druid of the Saber

A new card has been revealed from Wording and name may not be accurately translated.

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Discuss this Card

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Brave Hunter
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Showmatches at Gamescom

We definitely will be seeing showmatches at gamescom this week, and they will be using some expansion cards.

Quote from Yong Woo
To be clear about the stream, there will be Hearthstone showmatches with latest cards!

Blizzard Quarterly Earnings Call

The Activision Blizzard quarterly earnings call took place today. Hearthstone had a couple of mentions. You can view the press release here.

  • Hearthstone's key engagement metrics nearly doubled year over year thanks to new content and mobile releases.
  • Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Activision's Destiny have a combined 70 million registered players, with over $1.25 billion in non-GAAP revenues life-to-date.

The Grand Tournament – A Grand Celebration!

A new blog with a new card!

Quote from Blizzard

Today, we’ll be taking a stroll past the gates of The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone’s second expansion, to explore the tournament grounds before everything really kicks off in August.    

The Grand Tournament is more than just a test of skill and valor; it’s also a whimsical mash-up of celebration and carnival. At this tournament, you’ll find just as much fun and excitement outside the arena as you do on the field!

Many years ago, the tournament’s site played host to a contest that was deadly serious, but now it’s all about having a fantastic time! There’s the jousting arena, of course, where the clash of armor and the roar of the crowd can be heard. That’s where you’ll find the stars of the show, the noble knights, basking in the adoration of the crowd. But there’s so much more to delight the senses: you’ll feast your eyes on elaborately decorated tents and pavilions in a rainbow of dazzling colors, you’ll thrill to performers and games, and your mouth will water at the delicious aroma of fresh baked festival pies that fills the air everywhere you go!


Behind any great event, there’s someone behind the scenes making sure that everything goes juuuust right. When you’re in charge, it puts so many demands on your attention. Are the steeds fed and/or oiled? Are the weapons polished? Are the murlocs moistened? With so much to do, it’s hard to pin the Coliseum Manager down.

Speaking of the roar of the crowd, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a throng of adoring fans at your back. No one proves that better than the Crowd Favorite; each approving shout urges him to greater heights of valor!

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Grand Tournament. Be sure to check out our other The Grand Tournament blogs:

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Don’t forget to discuss the new cards revealed in The Grand Tournament on social media using the hashtag #TGT!

The Grand Tournament

Check out more details on The Grand Tournament, including a list of all the currently released cards! TGT launches this month!



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