New Card Reveal: Darnassus Aspirant, Wrathguard & Shado-Pan Cavalry, Top Constructed Decks of July

Update 10:43 PM EDT: A new Rogue minion, Shado-Pan Cavalry has been revealed via Thanks to Team Celestial for the tip.
Update: 1:41 PM EDT: Added Wrathguard via Mamytwink's Stream.

New Card Reveal: Darnassus Aspirant

A new druid card has been revealed via the CN vs NA Day 6 Livestream. Check it out below!

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card
Shado-Pan Cavalry
Discuss this Card

Top Constructed Decks of July

July is over and it's time to see which decks ranked at the top here on HearthPwn for last month.

 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 760
 Control Demon Lock Eyepod 6680
 Midrange Hunter TheJordude 2880
 Kolento's Miracle Priest DiablowHS 680
 Drunken Dragon - Nozdormu Brewmaster Asuryan 5000
 Face Hunter yell9x 2680
 New Era - Dragon Sage BrooklynHS 8200
 Dragon Mage HaasGaming 6120
 Control Warrior INDIGO_HS 12160
 Midrange Hunter Flood 2520

The Grand Tournament

Check out more details on The Grand Tournament, including a list of all the currently released cards!



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