New Card Reveal: Demonfuse, Argent Horserider, Deck Spotlight: Krup's Tempo Mage

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New Card Reveal: Demonfuse

Update 6:35 PM EDT: Yet another card today revealed via PCGamer, Argent Horserider.

A new Warlock spell has won the card vote. Say hello to Demonfuse!

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

New Hearthstone Info by Ben Brode

Ben Brode had some information to share about The Grand Tournament on the PCGamer livestream.

Quote from Ben Brode

  • We aren't done seeing good cards - lots of fun and crazy stuff is coming.
  • Ben believes The Grand Tournament is the best thing they have done so far.
  • "You won't be disappointed in the Druid cards"
  • The team agrees more deck slots are something they need to do.

New Epic Card Vote

Epic! The next card vote is now live and we're choosing between two epic neutral minions, both of which use art that was previously shown during the Grand Tournament hype tweets. Who do you want to see?

Quote from Ben Brode
I'm voting LEFT again! :) The right card is way crazier though.

August Card Back

The August ranked card back has been revealed!

Deck Spotlight: Krup's Tempo Mage

If you haven't yet joined in on the awesomeness that is Flamewaker Tempo Mage, or you're looked for a different style of it, Krupsstone has written an excellent guide to get you started. This is a bit different than your normal Flamewaker mage though in that we don't make use of Archmage Antonidas as Krup feels it was too inconsistent for his liking.

You can join the craze for 5480 dust, which is primarily taken up by Sylvanas Windrunner, Dr. Boom, and Ragnaros the Firelord. You can find the deck below to get crafting right away, or head on over to the deck guide to learn more.

KRUPS Legend Tempo Mage
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The Grand Tournament

Check out more details on The Grand Tournament, including a list of all the currently released cards!



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