2 Legendary Card Reveals, Hearthstone Patch 9554 Now Live, Brawl: Too Many Portals

Update 8:34 PM EDT: Added a new neutral common card revealed via Trump's stream.

New Card Reveals

The two legendaries from the card voting are now up, and an additional common minion revealed on Trump's stream can be found below.

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Next Card Reveal Vote

The next card vote is now up and it is between two common spells, Priest vs Warlock! Which class will win?

Hearthstone Patch 9554 Now Live

Patch 9554 is now live, and with that, The Grand Tournament pre-orders! The pre-order includes the Triumphant card back and costs $49.99 USD for the 50 card packs which you will get once TGT is live. Patch notes can be found below.

Quote from Blizzard


  • Pre-purchase "The Grand Tournament" -- Starting late July, you can pre-purchase "The Grand Tournament" 50 card pack bundle from the in-game shop and unlock a special card back. The Grand Tournament packs can be opened in August when the expansion releases but the card back is available immediately!
  • The following card backs have been added: -- Darkspear - Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of July.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements have been made to Spectator Mode which include resolving the issue that could cause a card with a "Choose One" option to become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Rexxar's golden hero portrait animation.
  • The game will no longer freeze on the splash screen after being away for a while.
  • You can once again search for cards that contain diacritics without specifying their proper marks.
  • Fixed an issue with volume sliders.
  • You will no longer get stuck on the matchmaking screen after a Tavern Brawl with a friend ends.
  • Various audio, graphical, and UI issues have been resolved.

Brawl: Too Many Portals

After a minor technical blip, this week's Tavern Brawl is Too Many Portals! You can play as any class and your deck is filled up with Unstable Portal. This is much like the Webspinner brawl we saw a few weeks ago. Discuss this brawl over on our Tavern Brawl forums.

Note: We've had to update our client to the latest patch before the correct brawl appeared.



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