Mercenaries Reveals and Updates for The New Patch! Fourteen Mercenaries Revealed!

Mercenaries Reveals and Updates for Maw & Disorder Patch! Fourteen Mercenaries Revealed!

Mercenaries reveals and updates went out, come check the new stuff that's coming!

Excess Coins Update

Quote from Blizzard

We know players are eagerly waiting for some way to use their excess coins. We’ve previously shared that we have a two-stage plan for that solution. We are nearly ready for stage one of that plan.

In Patch 24.6, we will be introducing a new system that will let you exchange excess coins for a resource you can then trade for Coins for Mercs you haven’t yet Maxed. In stage two of our plan, this system will also tie into challenging end-game content. We’re excited to share more information about each stage of the plan, closer to when it launches.

In the meantime, Patch 24.4 is just around the corner and it includes tons of new Mercs, new Bounties, and more!

Fighting Pit Reveals

Found on Twitch and on YouTube, the people of The Fighting Pit revealed 4 Mercenaries!

GrumpiHS Reveals

These 4 Mercenaries were revealed by GrumpiHS. In the video you will see the reveals of:

  • Archimonde (caster)
  • Korrak the Bloodrager (caster)
  • Khadgar (caster)
  • Medivh (protector)

Discord Reveals

The following 6 new Mercenaries were revealed on the HS MERCENARIES Discord. You can join this community here!

Quote from Blizzard

Nemsy Necrofizzle (Rare Caster)
  • • Gnome
  • • 9/70 Maxed Stats
  • • Battlecry: Summon a 10/25 Boggy with Taunt.
  • Abilities: 1. Boggy Blast 5 (Nature): (Speed 7) Deal 15 damage. Summon a 10/25 Boggy with Taunt. If you already have Boggy, give it +15 Health instead.
  • 2. Erupting Fungus 5 (Nature): (Speed 4) Choose a friendly character. After it survives damage this turn, it deals 18 damage to a random enemy.
  • 3. Bogonomics 5 (Nature): (Speed 3) Give a friendly character +5/+10 and Taunt. If if you have Boggy, give it +5/+5.
  • Equipment: 1. Bog Moss 4: Boggy gains "Adjacent characters take 7 less damage."
  • 2. Fishing Lure 4: Boggy gains +10 Health and "After this is Attacked, Attack a random enemy."
  • 3. "Fresh" Peaches 4: Boggy gains "At the end of the turn, give your Taunt characters +12 Health."

Quote from Blizzard

Neeru Fireblade (Rare Caster)
  • • Orc
  • • 9/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities: 1. Command Demon 5 (Fel): (Speed 5) Summon a Wild Imp 5. Deal 10 damage to an enemy. Your Imps will target it this turn, if able. a. Wild Imp 5: 5/15 Demon At the end of the turn, deal 12 Fel damage to a random enemy.
  • 2. Burning Blade Portal 5 (Fel): (Speed 5, Cooldown 2) At the end of your turn, fill your board with Wild Imps 5.
  • 3. Imp-losion 5 (Fel): (Speed 6, Cooldown 2) Destroy a friendly Imp. Deal 10 damage plus its Attack and Health to a random enemy 3 times.
  • Equipment: 1. Jumbo Imps 4: Wild Imp has +15 Health.
  • 2. Combustible Imps 4: Wild Imp has Deathrattle: Deal 12 Fel damage to a random enemy.
  • 3. Demon Armor 4: Passive: Your Demons have "Immune while Attacking".

Quote from Blizzard

Garona Halforcen (Rare Fighter)
  • • Half-Orc
  • • 10/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities: 1. Smoke and Knives 5 (Shadow): (Speed 8) Attack an enemy and deal 20 damage to an adjacent one. If this isn't a Fighter, become one and deal 26 instead.
  • 2. Shimmering Toxin 5 (Nature): (Speed 1) Gain +10 Attack. Take 12 less damage this turn. Become a Protector. (Starts off Cooldown)
  • 3. One And The Same 5: (Speed 1, Cooldown 1) Discover a Lineage ability. Combo: Become a Caster first.
  • Equipment: 1. Shadowstep 4: End Of Turn: If you control another Merc, gain +4/+5 and return to the bench.
  • 2. Halforcen Legacy 4: Battlecry: If you control another Orc, gain +3/+10 . Repeat for Draenei and Human.
  • 3. Knife of Indecision 4: Battlecry: Gain +15 Health and become Neutral.

Quote from Blizzard


Aranna Starseeker (Rare Caster)
  • • Night Elf
  • • 9/81 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities: 1. Edge Cancel 5: (Speed 6) Gain +7 Attack this turn and Attack an enemy. If it has less Attack, return this to the bench.
  • 2. Felodic Intonement 5 (Fel): (Speed 9) Deal 22 damage to an enemy. Set its Attack to 0 until the end of next turn.
  • 3. Aggrobatics 5 (Fel): (Speed 2, Cooldown 1) Deal 10 damage to an enemy and swap with an ally across from it. Enemy abilities targeting the Mercs swap targets (if possible).
  • Equipment: 1. Unbreakable Backpack 4: Battlecry: Gain +2 Fel, Arcane, and Nature Damage. Gain +1 more for each of your other Night Elves and Demons.
  • 2. Iambic Pentameter 4: Passive: Enemies across from this have -8 Attack.
  • 3. Glaive Land 4: Battlecry: Gain +5 Health and Role advantage against this Merc's current role.

Quote from Blizzard

Prince Malchezaar (Rare Protector)
  • • Demon
  • • 12/79 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities: 1. Party Crasher 5: (Speed 3) Attack an enemy. If it is a Protector, it takes 10 more damage this turn.
  • 2. Check Your Weapons 5 (Fel): (Speed 5) Deal 18 damage to the highest Attack enemy. If it is a Fighter, its Attack is permanently halved, rounded up
  • 3. All Realities 5 (Shadow): (Speed 3, Cooldown 2) Deal 25 to the next enemy who acts this turn. If it is a Caster, set it's remaining Health to 5 instead.
  • Equipment: 1. Flying Axes 4: Passive: +15 Health. Battlecry: Change a random enemy Merc's Role to Protector.
  • 2. Parrying Blade 4: Battlecry: Permanently reduce enemy Protectors' and Casters' Attack by 10.
  • 3. Three Moves Ahead 4: Passive: Enemy Casters' abilities are (2) Speed slower.

Quote from Blizzard

Tess Greymane (Rare Protector)
  • • Human
  • • 16/92 Maxed Stats
  • • Abilities: 1. Yoink! 5 (Shadow): (Speed 4) Deal 15 damage. Transform into a one time copy of the ability the target cast this turn. (if possible)
  • 2. Moonlight Resolve! 5 (Arcane): (Speed 3) Restore 25 Health. Transform into a one time copy of the last enemy ability cast this turn (if possible).
  • 3. Princess Power! 5: (Cooldown 1) Discover an enemy ability. Cast 12 unique abilities this game to transform into What I'm Capable Of! (12 left) 3.5 What I'm Capable Of!: Cast 5 random abilities you've cast this game at an enemy (if possible).
  • • Equipment: 1. Cloak of Shadows 4: Yoink! and Moonlight Resolve! transform permanently. Their initial effects are improved by 6.
  • 2. Steadfast Convictions 4: Passive: +4/+8. After this deals damage to a Merc, gain Role advantage.
  • 3. Tools of the Trade 4: Start of Game: Transform Yoink! and Moonlight Resolve! into random single use enemy abilities. Gain +15 Health.


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