Top Duels Moments of Castle Nathria


Top Duels Moments of the Week

Welcome to another Top Duels Moments Post! Today we're sharing some amusing instances from testing example decks for the Duels Guide throughout the last few weeks, many making use of the more recent cards and treasures.

10: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Who gave Tyrantus a Legendary Invitation? He always shows up too early!

9: Mega Ultra Windfury


The Rokaras gave both Crabriders +4/+4 by turn 3. Only a Priest could find a way to clear this kind of board. I mean, they didn’t. But you get that feeling too, right?

8: The New Free Pirate with Charge


Seabreaker Goliath: You can either let it be a 15/15 vanilla minion that’s asking to get destroyed, or use Charge to make it just a better Grommash Hellscream and watch the hope leave your opponent’s eyes. Whichever floats your boat.

7: [insert imp pun here]


IMPlementing Imps left an IMPosing IMPression. Their IMPossibly IMPeccable board IMPrints an IMPressive IMPact for IMPortant meta IMPlications.

 6: Casually Summoning Giants


Sometimes Totemic Power just feels like giving you an unfair advantage. A pair of Gigantotems on turn 4 seems like a big of a leap from the 4 Mana 7/7 we all used to know.

5: Acquire the Sire


Professor Slate played a 30 damage Sire Denathrius to clear the board. Darius Crowley stole and played a 30 damage Sire Denathrius to win the game. Not using Safe Harbor? Then how about Mask of Mimicry to stock up on all the Sires?

4: Basic Totems Plz Nerf


Some say the Totems summoned from the standard Shaman Hero Power are just too weak for Duels. Allow me to introduce to you the correct way of thinking.

3: Not Just a Clown, the Entire Circus!


This poor Vanndar was unable to Corrupt their Carnival Clown. You see, all you have to do is steal it and make it cost (0). It’s just that easy.

2: Involuntary Lethal


Sure having Eye for an Eye against a 1 Health opponent would likely have secured the win either way. But there’s something satisfying about having it trigger before the opponent had the chance to do anything on purpose.

1: I'd Like to Order Two Double McWin Conditions with Cheese, Two Large Minions, and One Opponent with Extra Salt

Normally All Together Now is a simple discount that merely gives some tempo advantage with Battlecry minions. But when it give you just enough mana to use Heart of Vir'naal right before Mutanus and Brilliant Macaw, then the opponent has a real problem on their hands, which now no longer has minions.

We hope you've enjoyed this display of disgraceful degeneracy and have a great day!


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