Champions Pursue Valor, Glory, and Fun, Popular Decks of the Week

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Champions Pursue Valor, Glory, and Fun

Yet another tweet from @PlayHearthstone about champions, this time featuring a Human Paladin wearing Tier 8 gear along with a Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros weapon.

Quote from @PlayHearthstone
No matter their differences, all champions pursue valor, glory, and most importantly, FUN.

Popular Decks of the Week

Nozdormu, go home, you're drunk. This week's most popular decks can be found below.

 Midrange Hunter TheJordude 2880
 Drunken Dragon - Nozdormu Brewmaster Asuryan 5000
 Malygoslock ThuFull 3740
 Control Demon Lock Eyepod 6680
 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 760
 Budget Mech Mage wingsofwaxiii 1360
 Kolento's Miracle Priest DiablowHS 680
 Shockadin KRUPSSTONE 1820
 Amaz's Echo Mage Amaz 6080
 New Era - Dragon Sage BrooklynHS 8200

What will we see July 22?

Just a couple of more days until the announcement!



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