Obtaining the Galaxy Gifts Card Back & 3 Free Packs, Deck Spotlight: Budget Friendly Decks, Card Design Competition #25

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Even Pirates can be Champions, Galaxy Gifts Card Back Now Available
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Obtaining the Galaxy Gifts Card Back & 3 Free Packs

Last night the Galaxy Gifts card back promotion went live and is only available to those with a Samsung Galaxy S6. We’ve put together a guide on how you can do this from the comfort of your own PC using an Android emulator. This guide was inspired by n4ru’s guide.

This requires that you have Amazon account to use their Appstore. You can create one for free on the Amazon website. You can later use this account and emulator to buy Hearthstone packs cheaper than normal when Amazon runs Amazon Coin promotions!

This will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. We’ve got instructions and a video below to help you get your card back and card packs.

Quote from HearthPwn

  1. Download Genymotion, an Android Emulator. (Download requires account login, you can create an account or try one of these)
  2. Run the Genymotion installer. This can take a bit while it downloads the needed files, so be patient.
  3. Run Genymotion, add a new virtual device as it prompts you to.
  4. Login using your account or one of the bugmenot accounts to display all the devices you can create.
  5. Select “Samsung Galaxy S5 - 4.4.4 - API 19 1080x1920” from the available virtual devices. Hit next, hit next again. Finish. Launch the newly created virtual device.
  6. Go to Settings -> Security and then enable “Unknown sources”.
  7. On the search widget at the top of your home screen, search for “Amazon Appstore”. Click on “Amazon Appstore: Getting Started” to get to the download page. Download it.
  8. Pull down your notification frame, click on the downloaded AmazonApps-release.apk. Click next, click install, click open. Login with your Amazon account.
  9. In the search bar at the top type in Hearthstone. Download it by clicking on Free and then Get App. Once it finishes downloading, your device will ask if you want to install it, say yes. Do not launch the game when it is done downloading!
  10. Go to your apps and open up File Manager. Click the menu button of your emulator (or press ctrl+m) to open the menu. Hit the Settings button at the bottom left. Click on “General Settings”. Look for “Access Mode” and set this to “Root Access mode”. Select “Remember choice forever” and then click “Allow”.
  11. Once again open the menu, this time click on “System folder”. Inside of this look for a file named “build.prop” which should be at the bottom. Click on this and open it with “Editor”.
  12. Find the line “ro.product.brand=generic”. Change generic to samsung.
  13. Insert a new line after the previous line and type in (with no quotes) “ro.product.model=SM-G920F”.
  14. Save the file by using the save icon in the top right of the app.
  15. Close the emulator by hitting the X button. Launch it again and then go to your app screen and start up Hearthstone. Login with your Battle.net account to get your card back. Don’t forget to login to each region which you want the card back in.
  16. Bonus: If you’ve never played a game of Hearthstone on Android before, you can get a free card pack by playing a single match within the emulator.

Deck Spotlight: Budget Friendly Decks!

Today we're doing things a bit different with our spotlight - we're showcasing 11 decks!

WingsOfWax has been hard at work over the past few weeks crafting an excellent selection of budget decks (and guides!) for the community, some of which you may have seen in our top decks widget. In this list, every class is represented with a popular budget-friendly archetype.

The following decks have been built to stay under 2000 dust and assume that the player using them has unlocked the Naxxramas adventure, which for the record is a fantastic purchase if you don't already have it. BRM cards have not been included as the cards within it aren't entirely necessary for solid deck building.

Will you be taking any of these decks out for a spin on the ladder?

 Zad + Combo Druid  1900
 Hybrid Hunter 1080
 Mech Mage 1360
 Tempo Mage 1200
 Aggro Paladin 1820
 Control Priest 1400
 Burst Rogue 1380
 Tempo Oil Rogue 1960
 Mech Shaman 1580
 Zoolock Aggro 1340
 SMOrc Warrior 920

Card Design Competition #25

Our twenty-fifth instalment of the card design competition is underway, and you're invited to create a card of your own. This week's theme is "HS Top", which requires you obey the following rules:

  • The card must be a minion;
  • The artwork must contain a character with a beard;
  • The effect must activate off of the minion taking damage.

An excellent example of a card which meets these requirements is none other than Grim Patron.

The submission phase closes on July 21 at 18:00 UTC, so get those entries in! You can submit your own card in the submission thread, or comment on other cards in this week's discussion thread. Don't forget you vote on your favourites by using the voting button!

Card Design Competition #24 Winner

Congratulations to literleck for winning last week's More Than Meets The Eye competition with Druid of the Talon!


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