24.0 Known Issues & Hotfixes - Guff Banned in Duels - Collateral Damage Fix - Arena Balance Changes

24.0 Known Issues & Hotfixes - Guff Not With Drek'thar in Duels - Collateral Damage Fix - Arena Balance Changes

A hotfix and Other Game Modes patch is going out and should deploy in your area soon if not already. This patch is NOT the Balance changes patch that was hinted at earlier tonight. That one is being written up for publication and will see the light on Monday or Tuesday.


Quote from Blizzard

8/11 Update: The team is currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

• In Duels, banned Wildheart Guff from deckbuilding.
• In Arena, the appearance rates of many cards across all classes and neutral have been adjusted.
• Fixed a bug that occurred for players who triggered the free new/returning player deck condition before Patch 24.0, but then did not claim the deck until after Patch 24.0.
• Fixed a bug where Collateral Damage would deal the wrong amount of damage if copied (such as by Twinbow Terrorcoil).
• Fixed a bug where playing and attacking with the weapon selected from Suspicious Pirate would result in your opponent being offered a version missing one Durability.
• Fixed a small visual bug with Decimator Olgra’s intro animation.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.


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