More Cryptic News - Champions: Answering the Call of Those who Require Aid

Update 1:24 PM EDT: Added PlayHearthstone's German tweet, which is different.

More Cryptic News - Champions

The @PlayHearthstone twitter account has tweeted out a new photo and line of text which is in line with yesterday's article.

Quote from @PlayHearthstone
Champions are individuals who courageously answer the call of those who require their aid! (@PlayHearthstone)

Ein Champion ist jemand, der all seine Mitstreiter in einem Wettbewerb übertroffen hat.
A champion is someone who has outdone all his comrades-in-arms in a competition (@Hearthstone_DE)

What will we see July 22?

We've seen a few different pieces of information now leading up to the July 22 announcement.

  • July 2 - PCGamer received a scroll in their mailbox mentioning a gathering of champions.
  • July 8 - The Hearthstone team posted a blog post talking about happiness in the air, shining armor, and people getting impaled.
  • July 9 - A tweet with the picture of a Blood Elf stating champions answer the call of those who need aid.

This information seems to also link up to the recent Hearthstone Commercials that Blizzard have been putting out, which are all staged in a jousting pit - A gathering of armored folk where people get impaled. This however, is pure speculation.

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