Tavern Brawl Ending Soon, Popular Decks of the Week, Card Design Competition #22

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Tavern Brawl Ending Soon

This week's Tavern Brawl will be ending soon and then will go on a short cooldown before the next Brawl starts. Check out the table below to see when Tavern Brawl #2 ends in your region, and make sure you stay tuned for news on next week's Brawl!

If you're looking for some decks to play with before the Brawl ends, we've got you covered!

Mon 3:00 AM PDT Mon 6:00 AM CEST Mon 6:00 AM CST Mon 7:00 AM KST

Popular Decks of the Week

With this past week's popular decks, it feels like a few slots are.. invisible. Maybe Arcane Explosion will bring out those pesky rogues.

What are you going to be playing this week? Tell us below!

 Burst Rogue - RACE HUNTERS wingsofwaxiii 1480
 Oil Rogue votetoB 3860
 Firestorm 3.0 MarineKingHS 3100
 Echowaker Tempo berserkci 4440
 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 760
 Mechlock "Virus" MrApocalypse 5140
 Midrange Hunter xdaniraptorx 2880
 Midrange Paladin Strifehs 10640
 New Era Oil Rogue AbstractSC 7000
 Control Warrior Nefiu 11760

Card Design Competition #22: One Thing Led to Another 

Week twenty-two of our card design competition is live, and this week's theme is One Thing Led to Another. This week's competition involves creating a new card which has at least two effects, the second of which must depend on either:

  • the outcome or result of the first, or
  • the subject or target of the first.

Examples of current cards which follow this structure include: Bane of Doom, Blood Knight, Gnomish Experimenter, and Slam.

Winners get bragging rights, and a fancy avatar border on the site, so what are you waiting for? Go submit your card today! If you'd like to discuss this week's entries, head on over to the discussion thread. The submission phase is over on Tuesday, so get those entries in!

Lucky Sevens - Card Design #21 Winner

Congratulations to Ridelith for your winning entry in Lucky Sevens, Durotan!



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