Deck Spotlight: Burst Rogue, Archon $250k Team League, Class Design Competition, HS Commercials

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Deck Spotlight: Burst Rogue

In tonight's Deck Spotlight we're checking out WingsOfWax's Burst Rogue. This is an Aggro style Rogue deck which if you couldn't tell by the name, relies on bursting your opponent down. Start with your minion based attacks and then seal the deal using spells to the face to ensure you get through any nasty taunts which may be in your way.

This deck is super budget friendly coming in at 1480 dust with a Loatheb in the mix. Head on over to the deck guide to learn more, or check out the deck below to get building.

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Team Archon Announces $250k Team League

Amaz and Team Archon have officially announced their $250,000 USD Hearthstone Team League which will be starting on July 1st! Cloud 9, TempoStorm, and Team Liquid are just a few of the teams announced for the league. Check out the teaser below, more details are to follow.

Class Design Competition - Phase 1

Our lovely moderators over on the Fan Creations forum have started up an additional contest to get your creative juices flowing. The goal behind the Class Design Competition is to have a more hardcore style competition where instead of creating a single card, you will be designing your own class throughout the next four weeks.

There are a lot of rules involved, all of which you can find in the submission thread, which must be followed if you wish to compete. Your first challenge, phase 1, is to create your Hero, Hero Power, and up to three example cards.

If you'd like to enter, head on over to the submission thread to learn more details. For discussion on the contest, you can head on over to the dedicated discussion thread.


More Hearthstone Commercials

Madder Bomber don't need no plan! Another Hearthstone commercial made its way to the Hearthstone YouTube channel today. You can watch the video, and the post-match report below.


Madder Bomber Post-Match Interview



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