Patch Tomorrow - Stormscale Siren Removed in BG

Patch Tomorrow - Stormscale Siren Removed in BG

Blizzard acknowledges that Stormscale Siren with Athissa resulted in warbands that got too big, too quickly and is going to replace Siren with Warden of Old (with a Naga tag!).

Quote from Blizzard

We are releasing a server-side hotfix tomorrow that addresses some server-side issues and also includes the following changes to Battlegrounds:

The minion Stormscale Siren will be removed from the minion pool.

The minion Warden of Old will be returned to the minion pool at Tier 3 (now with the Naga minion type).

Dev Comment: The combination of Stormscale Siren and Tidemistress Athissa resulted in Naga warbands that scaled too large, too quickly. We’ll be playtesting changes to Stormscale Siren internally, in hopes that we can find a version that we’d be happy returning to the minion pool in a future patch.



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