New Main Button Being Added to Hearthstone

Update: 12:06 PM EDT June 9: Added new art to the end of the post - tavern brawl art.
Update 1:36 PM EDT
: According to the German Facebook page, there are no plans for co-op

New Main Button Being Added to Hearthstone

Thanks to a post on the Hearthstone facebook page, it looks like a new button is being added to the main screen in Hearthstone.

We are not yet sure what it will be for, although it is worth pointing out that the current buttons we have are all for various play modes.

We have confirmed that the new Heroes will be chosen via the collection manager, which means Zhang Dong's statement that there was still more to come appears to be accurate. We are indeed getting another large piece of content! What are you hoping for?


Quote from Blizzard

There are currently no plans for a co-op mode. ( Facebook)

Will new hero portraits be usable in arena?
How does this selection process work? In the settings or when you click 'play ranked'
It'll be a part of the collection manager. - Zeriyah (Source)

Tavern Brawl Art

Some new art has been posted on the @PlayHearthstone Twitter account. We aren't sure if it has any relation to the new button, but it is worth mentioning.


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