Duels Reveal by RegisKillbin - The 4 Explorers Return!

Duels Reveal by RegisKillbin - The Explorers Return!

The next patch of Duels will see the return of Reno, Elise, Sir Finley and Brann as Heroes! Come check out the details!


  • The return of the 4 Explorers as seen in the Saviors of Uldum Dungeon run!
  • They are still dual class Heroes!
  • The Explorers will use their rebalanced Hero Powers and Treasures from the Saviors of Uldum adventure too!
  • If you had unlocked those already back in the day, they will be unlocked from Day 1 for you!
  • If you have not unlocked them, you will be able to unlock them just by playing Duels. No collection requirements!
  • If you want to check your unlocks: go to "Modes" --> "Solo Adventures" --> "Tombs of Terror".
  • Reno: Mage & Rogue dual class.

  • Elise: Druid & Priest dual class.

  • Sir Finley: Paladin & Shaman dual class.

  • Brann Bronzebeard: Hunter & Warrior dual class.

  • There's going to be new Passives too, and balance changes to existing Heroes and signature treasures!

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