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Matchmaking Spinner

If you've been watching the Fireside Duels series that Blizzard has been putting out, you've seen the infamous Matchmaking Spinner. The spinner is shown while the game is finding your opponent and when your opponent is found, you will see it slow down. There are several flavor texts that show up on the spinner that are have no meaning are there to be funny. Good luck avoiding your Guild Leader, especially during raid time! Which opponent would you like to face?

In Action

Client Strings

Tag Text 
GLUE_SPINNER_1 Easy Pickings
GLUE_SPINNER_2 Your Worst Nightmare
GLUE_SPINNER_3 World class paste eater
GLUE_SPINNER_5 Gourd critic
GLUE_SPINNER_6 Nose and mouth breather
GLUE_SPINNER_8 A cardish Ian
GLUE_SPINNER_10 Wombat Warlock
GLUE_SPINNER_11 Rouged up Rogue
GLUE_SPINNER_12 Waifish Warrior
GLUE_SPINNER_13 Damp Druid
GLUE_SPINNER_14 Shabby Shaman
GLUE_SPINNER_15 Penniless Paladin
GLUE_SPINNER_16 Huffy Hunter
GLUE_SPINNER_17 Perky Priest
GLUE_SPINNER_18 The Worst Player
GLUE_SPINNER_19 Your Old Roommate
GLUE_SPINNER_20 StarCraft Pro
GLUE_SPINNER_21 Fiscally responsible mime
GLUE_SPINNER_22 Your Guild Leader
GLUE_SPINNER_23 Noneck George
GLUE_SPINNER_24 Gum Pusher
GLUE_SPINNER_25 Cheater McCheaterson
GLUE_SPINNER_26 Really slow guy
GLUE_SPINNER_27 Musty Orphan
GLUE_SPINNER_28 Orange Rhymer
GLUE_SPINNER_29 Coffee Addict
GLUE_SPINNER_30 Inward Talker
GLUE_SPINNER_31 Blizzard Developer
GLUE_SPINNER_32 Grand Master
GLUE_SPINNER_33 Diamond League Player
GLUE_SPINNER_34 Brand New Player
GLUE_SPINNER_35 Dastardly Death Knight
GLUE_SPINNER_36 Mediocre Monk
GLUE_SPINNER_37 A Little Puppy
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