Battlegrounds Reveals - Day 1

Battlegrounds Reveals - Day 1

Day 1 of the very first Battlegrounds Reveal week! We will have every reveal from today in this news post, so check back later to see if more has been revealed!

Check the Day 2 post for more info, you can find it here!

Today's Schedule:

January 18


  • New Hero: Bru'kan!
  • New System: Buddies! Every Hero in Battlegrounds now gets a special Buddy Minion that is ONLY for them, that you get when you fill a powerbar. On filling the first tick of this power bar you get 1 Buddy minion. On completing the bar you get 2 more, so enough to make a triple!
  • Getting to the first tick on your Buddies powerbar is supposedly going to happen around Tavern Tier 2 or turn 5.
  • We can assume that every Buddy will have some interaction with what makes a Hero work, or what makes a Hero special. Example: New Hero Bru'kan has a buddy that stores the uses of his Hero Power and unleashes them again with a deathrattle!
  • New Heroes: Vanndar Stormpike & Drek'thar!
  • New Hero: Tavish!

RDU's Reveal


Tesdey's Reveal

Zoom's Reveal

Bofur's Reveal

Sunglitters' Reveal

Zorgo's Reveal

Check the Day 2 post for more info, you can find it here!



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