The Battle for Alterac Valley in Review - All the Stats from the Event!

The Battle for Alterac Valley in Review - All the Stats from the Event!

The winner of the Battle for Alterac Valley was already announced last Tuesday, and it was the Alliance who earned that glory and the Diamond Vanndar Stormpike for everyone, including the Horde players. But what went into that battle? Read on and find out!

Quote from Blizzard

The Battle for Alterac Valley in Review

The Battle for Alterac Valley is over and the Alliance has claimed victory! In celebration of their feat, all players will receive a Diamond copy of the Alliance leader, Vanndar Stormpike, at some point in the next major patch period!

But the question Horde players keep asking themselves is, how did it come to this?

From the get-go, the Alliance had a sizeable numbers advantage on the battlefield. Right before the launch of Fractured in Alterac Valley, the Alliance had signed up approximately 57% of players to join their cause while the Horde had only recruited approximately 43%. That helped put the Alliance ahead by about 76 million Honor going into the expansion launch.


The Horde fought valiantly in the face of this overwhelming foe! At the start of the event, Horde players tended to play about 7-8% more games than Alliance players did, had a (very) slightly higher winrate than Alliance players did, and got a natural boost in Honor per game from the fact that they faced more enemy-faction opponents.

Post-Launch Breakdown

After the first day of the new expansion, both sides grew significantly, but the Alliance grew a little faster, so that they controlled about 58% of the playerbase, and grew their lead to well over 100 million Honor!

Throughout the event, the general trends were the same across all four regions: more Alliance players than Horde players, resulting in about 20-25% more Honor for the Alliance in each region at any given time. Of the regions, Americas was the most Alliance-favored, while the APAC was the region where the Horde was closest to matching the Alliance’s numbers. The China region was the largest in terms of players and Honor for both factions, followed by EU, Americas, and then APAC.

Over the course of the event, the Horde lost their advantage in number of games played per member, but continued to get more Honor per game. This meant that the average Horde player earned very slightly more Honor overall than the average Alliance player. However, with more members and more games per member, the Alliance were unstoppable. By the time the event was over, the Alliance had earned about 4.7 billion Honor to the Horde’s 3.9 billion, for a grand total of over 8.6 billion Honor for all players!


Finally, during this event, about 9.9% of players worldwide completed the entire Honor track. A slightly higher percentage of Horde players than Alliance players have finished the Honor track overall and in each individual region (except for the EU region, which is the one region where more Alliance players have finished the Honor track). The EU region is also the region where the smallest percentage of total players have finished the Honor track (7.7%). The China region has the highest completion rate (11%), followed by APAC (10.2%) and the Americas (9.3%).

But remember, if you didn’t finish your Honor track, you still have until the end of this expansion cycle to get a Golden copy of the enemy faction’s leader through this quest chain. So keep fighting, noble warriors, for even though the Battle for Alterac Valley is over, you can still fight for honor and faction pride!


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