Hidden Laboratory Heroic Boss Guides - Omnotron, Maloriak, Atramedes, Nefarian

Hidden Laboratory Heroic Boss Guides

Need some help with Hidden Laboratory on Heroic difficulty? We've compiled some decks to help you out! The decks used for Heroic Difficulty can also be used on Normal difficulty with similar strategies.

If you've successfully defeated Heroic bosses with decks that aren't listed here, make sure you submit them with our deckbuilder!

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Omnotron Defense System

View the Omnotron Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Omnotron starts with 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic.
  • The cycling hero powers can summon the tron minions much earlier than on normal. Earliest summons are on turns 1, 2, 4, 6.
  • Throwing spells into their faces is super effective.


View the Maloriak Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Maloriak has 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic.
  • This fight is incredibly annoying. If he plays Release the Aberrations! on turn 1, you may want to concede.
  • You need board clear and other forms of minion removal, he will quickly overwhelm you.
  • Same deal with taunts, you want to have a good amount of them.
  • Duplicate and Counterspell are found in his deck which can make Kezan Mystic quite the helpful card if you're having issues with the secrets.


View the Atramedes Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Atramedes has 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic.
  • You do not get any crutches on this fight like you do on normal, you're on your own for weapon removal.
  • Keep his board clear of minions, attack into him. The biggest threat is the weapon so don't get it too big.

Nefarian & Onyxia

View the Nefarian Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Nefarian has 30 Health and 30 Armor on Heroic. Onyxia has 30 Health.
  • When Nefarian loses his armor, he goes up into the sky and Onyxia lands. At this point she takes over the fight while he casts blasts of fire at you.
    • If you don't kill Onyxia within 6 turns, Nefarian will deal 20 direct damage to your hero.
  • When Onyxia dies, Nefarian comes back, and fully clears your board.
  • The "One Turn Kill" strategy is very good against this boss and completely ignores the Onyxia part of this encounter. Check it out!


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