Blackwing Lair Heroic Boss Guides - Razorgore, Vaelastrasz, Chromaggus, Lord Nefarius

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Blackwing Lair Heroic Boss Guides

Need some help with Blackwing Lair on Heroic difficulty? We've compiled some decks to help you out! The decks used for Heroic Difficulty can also be used on Normal difficulty with similar strategies.

If you've successfully defeated Heroic bosses with decks that aren't listed here, make sure you submit them with our deckbuilder!

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  • Remember to add a written guide to your deck to teach everyone how it works against the boss!
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Razorgore the Untamed

View the Razorgore Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Razorgore has 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic.
  • He starts off with a Corrupted Egg on the field.
  • Your goal during this fight is to not allow him to hatch his eggs. Eggs which hatch spawn a Chromatic Drake.
    • Even if you get to fatigue, it's more important that you took the game slow!
  • Low cost minions will help you deal with the eggs. Some removal for his other drops is also required.
  • Some healing spells can help you survive longer.
  • He has a Bloodlust in his deck which will be catastrophic if he gets to cast it on several minions. 

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

View the Vaelastrasz Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Vaelastrasz has 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic.
  • The fight is very fast paced due to his hero power which draws you three cards.
  • The latest you will start to take fatigue damage is on his seventh turn, assuming he doesn't play any Naturalize.
  • One of the easiest ways you can win this encounter is to mill him back.
  • Low cost aggression is also a viable solution to the fight since you can flood your board with everything you draw.


View the Chromaggus Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Chromaggus has 60 Health on Heroic, and no armor.
  • Every turn you will get one Brood Affliction card. This card gives you a negative effect.
    • The first five afflictions always show up in the same order: Green, Red, Blue, Bronze, and Black.
    • Afflictions after the first five are completely random.
  • His Chromatic Dragonkins will grow very powerful if you play too many spells - silence is useful, but if you can get rid of them right away with a minion that is slightly preferred.
    • Silence is more useful against the 8+ health Twilight Drakes he loves to drop.
  • This fight is easily defeated through cheating the AI with Kel'Thuzad and a Taunt minion.
  • Alexstrasza can see some potential play on this fight if you can straight up survive until she can be played.

Lord Victor Nefarius

View the Nefarius Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Nefarius turns into Nefarian on his first turn who has 30 Health and 50 Armor.
  • Ragnaros is on your side during this fight and will give you a single card to help you out at the start of the fight. The card you get is random.
  • He will have 10 mana starting on turn 2 which allows him to swarm the board with minions. Removal here is key.
  • You want to play safe and never over extend during the game - Flamestrike is a real possibility.
  • Keep in mind the spells that your class has access to - expect the worse case scenario.


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